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Back To Motion Physical Therapy Denver presents…
Alter G Antigravity Treadmill

used by world champion triathletes

$100/month for Unlimited Use

Limited Spots Available

Call us at (303) 832-5577

Must call ahead to schedule time to use machine

Back To Motion is the only outpatient physical therapy clinic in Denver with this equipment

Physical therapy is an ever-changing profession. It takes hard work and dedication to stay abreast of current trends, treatments and philosophies. Our expertise, in the physical therapy arena, allows us to provide specific diagnoses and individual treatment programs for our clients in the Denver CO Area.

With medical inflation climbing higher and higher, our flexible schedule and cost efficient approaches make getting appropriate care and good results affordable.

Thank You Back To Motion

“In 2015 I won 5 age-group World Championships in Triathlon and Duathlon, including the Ironman in Kona HI. At age 57, I’ve experienced some knee injuries in recent years. But thanks to the AlterG and Back to Motion, I’ve been able to keep up my training so I could be ready to compete at the highest levels. Thank you to Back To Motion and the Alter G. I couldn’t have done it without you!
~ Ellen Hart

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This is, by far, the best PT place in Denver! Patty really listens to you and finds the root of the problem/pain, treats it effectively with dry needling, movement, massage of area effected or whatever is required and then sends you on your way. There are no unnecessary appointments! Highly, highly recommend Back to Motion for your PT needs!”

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Our Services

Dry Needling

physical therapy denver - Trigger Point Dry Needling Trigger point dry needling involves inserting an acupuncture needle into a tight or sore muscle. The needle then changes the muscle’s physiology so that the muscle is able to relax. It can be an effective method to address long standing muscle pain or joint problems related to chronic muscle tightness. Dry Needling

Injury Assessment

physical therapy denver - pain and Injury Therapy Our skilled physical therapists can evaluate your problem and help you manage in a timely and cost effective way. A diagnosis, treatment plan and self-management will be provided at your first appointment. Your care at Back to Motion will be personal and professional. Injury Assessment

Vestibular Therapy

physical therapy denver - Vestibular Therapy To Help Stop Spinning The most frequent cause of dizziness or disorientation is an inner ear (vestibular) dysfunction in conjunction with a disruption of vision or poor sense of balance. Physical therapy that focuses on the inner ear can help Vestibular Therapy

Rehab and Fitness

physical therapy denver - rehab and fitness Back to Motion offers one stop shopping for your fitness and rehab needs. We offer a variety of classes that will help you achieve your goals; from rehabbing an injury to increasing your fitness levels. One of our TRX, exercise or Pilates classes address a variety of levels and needs. Rehab and Fitness

I have been to numerous different PT around Denver and found Back to Motion to be hands down the best. They were able to quickly identify my issue and give me exercises to help me alleviate pain in my knee and restore my health. I am forever grateful to what they have helped me accomplish.!”

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” I went to see Back to Motion after seeing two neurosurgeons, another PT office and having two epidurals for severe back spasms and sciatica. The pain was unbearable and it took 2-3 visits a week for many months before my pain was gone. But it went away thanks to Patty, Karen and Juliana and their knowledgeable care. The massages, dry needling and exercises allowed me to recover. Not only did they care for me but they educated me on how my body reacts to having something wrong with my back. I STRONGLY recommend them to anyone looking for superior care by wonderful people.”

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Physical Therapy Denver

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