Regularly, I get questions from patients about full page “articles” in the paper about the ‘latest and greatest’ technology to eradicate back pain.  They want to know if I read that “article.”

First off, it is not an article.  It is a very, very, expensive advertisement.  It was designed to look like an article. That way it would seem to have more credibility. If you notice, at the top of the fake article it says in small print, “advertisement.”  You will also notice that the font of the pretend piece is slightly different to real printed stories of the paper.  If you’ve actually taken the time to read the quackery, you will see that the information is only positive, and everyone will benefit, and there will be exaggerated claims of benefit. The newspaper is not endorsing the claims.  It merely took somebody’s or some entity’s marketing dollars. If the intervention was really credible, a full page add would not be necessary.  The new-fangled device, the avant garde technology, or the cutting edge treatment would be written up in medical journals, and known by your PT or your primary care provider.

The owners of the miracle treatment are taking advantage of people in chronic pain. By feigning legitimacy, it offers hope to people whose pain rules their lives.  It’s unfortunate, because the interventions are not cheap; especially, when you have to cover the advertising costs.  Insurance is not accepted.  A binding contract is usually involved.  The person seeking the intervention is not seen as a person to help, but as a source of revenue to be exploited.

Chronic pain relief, like weight loss programs is big business.  The reality is both are life-long battles that never completely cure themselves.  So if you are dealing with either problem, there are repeated attempts to deal with the burdensome situations For chronic pain and weight loss, there is always, pills to take, diets to try, exercise routines, support groups, specialists,  surgeries, faith healers, and full page ads.  You should always be suspicious if someone claims that he or she can eliminate your chronic pain for good.  Some of the above methods do have merit.  Nothing will be 100% effective.  Anything that you try needs to involve behavior and perspective modification.  It is not easy. It is not really comforting.  It definitely is not glamorous.

Those full page ads and paid infomercials that are presented as news are bogus.  Be suspicious of superlative claims of healing, words that try to create desperation, and broad strokes of people who will benefit from the ‘sensational’ new approach.

Back To Motion Physical Therapy cannot help everyone.  But we will do our best to listen to you. We will do a thorough evaluation.  We will educate you on our findings and prognosis.  We will instruct you in exercises that will help you with the pain to make it less intense and less frequent.  If necessary, we will help you to find coping strategies too. Our interventions are evidence informed and sometimes more importantly, we will care for you and we will care about you.

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