Daydreaming about being young again usually has no relation to the actual age; instead, it has everything to do with the zest and optimism we had when we were young.

physical therapy to feel younger

In our younger days, our metabolism was higher, our energy levels were off the charts, and we all had a strong sense of urgency and self-accomplishment. Our bodies did not ache. We slept well. We were in shape. We could move freely, with no mobility issues. Our balance was perfect and we were- generally speaking – quite healthy.

As we started age, our bodies changed. The aging process started detrimentally impact our physiological health and our ability to move, balance, and complete the activities of daily living as we once did. This is the point when we concluded that we much preferred a youthful body to our aging body. The good news is, you can now succeed with that dream – with the help of a physical therapist.

Here are 3 different physical therapy techniques that will help you to feel younger.

  1. As we age, we often lose strength. This is part of the reason why we develop complications with mobility and balance; however, it does not have to be this way. One of the techniques that physical therapists use to help you feel younger is focusing on strength training. It does not matter if you are in your 50s or as old as your 90s, strength training has the ability to optimize your physical function. The most common type of exercise to combat the frailty that occurs in our older years is progressive resistance training.
  2. Exercise is a very productive physical therapy technique that will keep you feeling young. According to statistics, at least one elderly adults out of every three people – aged 65 and above – will experience a fall at least once this year. Half of all people in this age group experience problems in performing basic movements. If a physical therapy exercise program is followed, movement and balance will be improved. As a result, fewer falls and complications with movement will occur. In turn, the ability to stay independent – for longer – is improved.
  3. A flexibility improvement program offered by a physical therapist will help you feel younger for a longer amount of time. In short, these exercises focus on restoring the average/normal range of motion. You may perform static stretching exercises, proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation, and similar activities.

If you have a desire to feel younger, you must start with your body. By initiating a consultation with one of our physical therapists here at Back to Motion, you will be taking a step to improve your range of mobility, your flexibility, and your balance. In turn, you will develop your core strength and, once again, capture the zest and energy of your youth!

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