scrawny to brawny 4In the past few weeks, you have learned information on how to build muscle mass in our multi-part series, 8 Simple Steps Men May Take to Quickly Transition from Scrawny to Brawny. The first step was very easy – simply drink a lot of water. The second step outlined was to consume a vast amount of protein. The step outlined last week was to learn the proper form and technique. A physical therapist or similar type of professional will aid in this endeavor. This week you will be introduced to the fourth step. This, too, is a step that a physical therapist or similar type of professional will be able to help you with.

Step # 4: Learn and Perform the Most Essential Exercises for Building Muscles
If you have a desire to completely transition from scrawny to brawny, it is important that you know and understand that isolation training will not be beneficial to your needs. This is where you focus on exercising individual muscles in the body. If you want to increase your overall size, you must perform highly-complex exercises that work several of the muscle groups within your body at once. These will stimulate more muscles and will, ultimately, lead to extreme muscle growth. These types of exercises are often referred to as “essential exercises”. If you want to pack on the muscle mass in a fast manner, the following exercises will help you:

  1. Squats – Squats are considered to be a fundamental exercise for any man that has a desire to build muscle mass and strength in the legs and the hips. According to PTs, this particular exercise targets the glutes and the quads.
  2. Deadlift – While considered to be a very difficult and intense exercise, the deadlift is also considered to be highly imperative to those that want to increase their muscle mass, their strength, and their power.
  3. Lunges – If you are trying to accumulate muscle mass and power in the lower body, lunges are the way to go!
  4. Barbell Split-Squat – This is an advanced variation of the basic squat that is designed to aid in building power, strength, and muscle mass in the hips and the legs. This particular exercise works each of the legs individually so that the strength in the lower body is balanced.
  5. Bench Press – In order to accumulate muscle mass in the chest and increase the power of this area, the bench press is essential.
  6. Military Press – This type of weight exercise words the shoulders and the triceps. If you are working to accumulate strength and build muscle mass, this barbell exercise will help you!
  7. Pull-Ups and Chin-Ups – These exercises are considered two of the absolute best when it comes to strengthening the back and the muscles in the upper body; however, muscles within the arms and the chest are also activated when performing these exercises.
  8. Dumbbell Row – The final exercise that you should perform to build up muscle mass in the body is the dumbbell row. The main muscles worked are in the middle of the back; however, the biceps, the shoulders, and the lats are also worked.

Going from scrawny to brawny is no easy task; however, by ensuring that you include the essential exercises outlined in this guide in your workout regimen, you will find that you progress rapidly. When you combine these exercises with larger consumptions of water and protein and you ensure that you have proper form and technique, you will start to discover that your body mass improves quickly.

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