Thank you for continuing our series, 8 Simple Steps Men May Take to Quickly Transition from Scrawny to Brawny. In the past several weeks, you have been introduced to numerous steps that will help you accumulate muscle mass. These include increasing your water intake, consuming large amounts of protein, becoming educated on the proper form and technique, learning and performing exercises that are known to build muscle, increasing your caloric intake, and the benefits associated with taking advantage of muscle-building supplements. This week, you will be presented with Step 7.

scrawny-to-brawny-free-weightsStep # 7: Use Free Weights and Often
If you are ready to completely transition your body and build muscle mass, you should opt for free weights. Not only should you use free weights, but, you should use them often. Basically, a free weight is a type of weight that is used in common weightlifting exercises that is not attached to any type of exercise machine or other type of apparatus. Standard exercise equipment that includes weights is known for their ability to balance those weights for you. When you use free weights, you are required to balance the weight. As a result of this fact, it has been determined that free weights have the ability to help you build “real-world” based strength, without the hassle of utilizing a gym. Plus, free weights aid in building up the stabilizing muscles that are located throughout the body.

One of the detrimental aspects of using weight machines is that those devices actually limit your natural range of motion. While these machines are optimal for accumulating strength, increasing your speed, and optimizing your overall level of flexibility, it has been determined that free weights are better at aiding in building up muscle mass throughout the entire body. There are several types of free weights. Examples include the barbell, kettlebells, medicine balls, and dumbbells. For optimal success, you should work to include all types of free weights into your exercise regimen. Be certain to work with aphysical therapist in order to learn the proper form when using free weights.

Free weights are considered to be highly effective in providing overall strengthening of the body. This stems from the fact that they help you to mimic the natural movements that you engage in on a day-to-day basis. When using these types of weights, you are required to balance yourself.

This is where the most benefits come into play. As a result of being forced to balance the body, the strength and mass of the stabilizing muscles throughout the body are increased. This means that you are able to move naturally, improve your balance, and increase the overall strength of your body while accumulating muscle mass!

The final advantage to using free weights to go from scrawny to brawny is that these types of weights are relatively inexpensive when compared to the costs of gym memberships and exercise machines. If you want your muscles to grow, free weights are a necessary step.

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