movement-for-heart-healthA Little Movement Leads to a Healthier Heart, According to Cardiovascular Fitness Programs

According to information released from cardiovascular fitness programs and health care professionals from Johns Hopkins University, a little movement has the potential to lead to a healthier heart. Physical activity is now considered to be the most important form of activity when it comes to a heart-protection and health improvement plan. Based on statistics, it has been established that well over 50% of all men in the United States and approximately 60% of women fail to regularly engage in physical activities for more than 10 minutes each week. Exercise deficiency has been determined to be the leading culprit in many physiological and psychological health complications and, ultimately, has the potential to drastically shorten the lifespan. Research shows that an increase in movement is one of the most positive and productive cardiovascular treatment plans available to those that want a healthy heart, as well as those that are attempting to reverse already-diagnosed health conditions.

Sitting Increased Risk of Heart-Related Medical Issues

In evaluating individuals that spent a large portion of their time idle, or sitting, it was discovered that this activity has the potential to increase a person’s risk of heart-related medical issues, such as heart failure. Sitting has long be known to lead to metabolic health problems; however, when sitting is combined with the lack of exercise, it has the ability to more than double the chance of a person developing serious cardiovascular problems, such as heart failure. While it is true that one of the best cardiovascular treatment options for those with heart problems is increasing their level of movements, it has also been discovered that engaging in regular levels of physical activity, unfortunately, will not counteract the health effects that have occurred as a result of sitting or being idle for prolonged periods of time. Of course, despite the reports that conclude this claim, physical therapy professionals, medical doctors, and cardiovascular fitness programs all hold proof that those that are idle and started moving more experienced better levels of physiological and psychological health – including better heart health.

How Exercise Benefits the Heart

Cardiovascular fitness programs assist individuals in the performance of numerous types of physical activities. The same holds true for physical therapy programs and programs that are similar in nature. Even though it is not considered to be possible to reverse the detrimental effects of a highly sedimentary lifestyle, it is quite possible to improve the health of the heart by exercising. The following outlines the top benefits to the heart, as made possible by moving – even if just a little:

  • Physical activity has been proven to assist in lowering the blood pressure level of the body.
  • Exercise will assist in establishing control over the weight, which reduces the stress placed on the heart and lowers the risk for the development of heart disease.
  • Moving helps to add strength to the muscles of the body. As a result, muscles become more productive in drawing the oxygen from the blood, and the body becomes less dependent on the heart to work harder to pump additional blood to the muscles.
  • Exercise assists in reducing the amount of inflammation present within the body. This, in turn, reduces the amount of cells in the body that are damaged.
  • Moving on a regular basis has the potential to reduce the amount of fat that is present within the liver. As a result, this reduces the possibility for the development of diabetes and heart disease.
  • Moving – just a bit – has the ability to reduce the amount of stress hormones that are flowing through the body. Stress hormones have been found to place an undue and unhealthy amount of stress on the heart.


Regardless of whether you are trying to prevent heart problems or treat already-diagnosed heart issues, it has been determined that a little movement is one of the absolute best cardiovascular treatment options currently available. This fact is supported by cardiovascular fitness programs, physical therapists, doctors, and other professionals within the health care industry. While sitting and other idle activities are known to result in heart health issues and may result in health problems that may not be reversed, there are many benefits to getting up and making moves when it comes to the cardiovascular health. If you are in the process of creating a heart-protection plan for your health, you should meet with a doctor or physical therapist to discuss the best types of physical exercises for you and your needs.

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