We all know that regular exercise is good for you. We have heard this time and time again. If you are like most, though, you likely lack the time to integrate a heavy workout regimen into your daily routine.

The good news is, while it is highly beneficial to exercise on a regular basis, it has now been proven – through various studies – that any exercise is better than getting no exercise.

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In this comprehensive guide, we will expound on this point and share detailed information on how you can succeed in getting in a workout – even when strapped by commitments, responsibilities, and time.

How Even 10 Minutes of Exercise Can Make a Difference

The publication Neuropsychologia recently posted the results of a new study on exercise. This research found that exercising for just ten minutes – in a moderate to highly vigorous manner – aids in boosting the function of the brain and optimizing the health.

Many of us are often disheartened by the fact that we have been hounded with a wide array of information that states that we absolutely must work out in a vigorous manner for at least one to two hours each and every single day in order to reap any health-related rewards.

As a result, we simply do not even make an effort.

The truth is, simply working out as little as ten minutes can transform your health and your life.

The secret to this whole process is identifying and implementing a workout regimen that is engineered to provide the highest level of benefits in the shortest amount of time.

A few simple stretches in the morning can help you move easier and more freely during the day.

A brief aerobic video before work can increase your energy levels.

Doing a few yoga moves can help your posture.

Completing a HIIT workout may relax you enough that you do not struggle with anxiety or sleep issues.

It does not matter how long you work out that matters; what matters is the fact that you are taking a few minutes each day to engage in some type of activity that will improve the function of both your mind and your body.

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Creative Ways to Get Exercise – Without Even Trying!

Very few people actually enjoy exercising. In fact, most cringe at the sheer mention of the word.

The thought of seemingly endless trekking on an exercise bike, the push and pull of lifting weights, and pushing the body to the max during a marathon run are not all that appealing, despite being “good” for the body.

The good news is, there are many creative ways you can exercise the body – and you don’t even have to try! Consider the following activities for burning excess calories, shedding unwanted weight, and building much-needed muscle:

  1. Play Video Games – In the days of Atari and the original Nintendo, about all of the exercise we got was frantically moving the controller around when we jumped in the game or when we got really into our “mission” to save that seemingly non-existent Princess. Today, though, there are video game systems out there that allow you to move in order to successfully complete tasks on the video game you are playing – two examples include the Wii and the Nintendo Switch. By playing these games, you have the ability to practice your balance, engage in aerobics, perform resistance training, and more! Who says you can’t have fun while exercising?
  2. Do Some Laundry – You have to do it anyway, so why can’t it count as “exercise”? According to researchers, all of that loading into the washer, transitioning wet clothing into the dryer, moving up and down, and lifting that laundry basket offers many rewards – in terms of your health. You not only work your muscles; you are also giving your respiratory and cardiovascular system an outstanding workout!
  3. Move After Eating – It is a very common occurrence for most of us to become a bit on the idle side after indulging in a meal. Instead of doing this, get up and move! You could take a walk outside, check the mail, or just move around inside of your home – the choice is yours!
  4. Pay Attention to Where You Park – Most of us take great strides to get that “perfect” parking space when we go to the store or some other location. Those closest to the entrance are typically considered ideal; however, they do not do much for our health. Instead of parking close, park far away from the entrance. This will result in your having to walk a longer distance to and from your vehicle.
  5. Choose the Stairs – If you are like most, the elevator is more appealing than the stairs; however, the elevator does not do much for you – in the way of a workout. Instead, take those stairs – both up and down. By the time you get up to where you are going, you may be tempted to slide in the elevator for the ride down, but avoid this temptation and your health will thank you!
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Fun Ways to Exercise

Apart from playing video games outlined in the previous section, most of the creative ways to get a workout mentioned are not considered to be all that “fun”. This is why we are including this section. We want to provide you with some activities that will allow you to get a little enjoyment out of your workout. Continue reading to learn these:

  1. Dancing – Let’s face it; we are either dancers or we are not dancers. The truth of the matter is, it really does not matter how well you do it, as long as you do it! Turn on your favorite tunes and start moving! If you are a bit shy or do not want anyone else to see you dance, just throw everyone out of the room and shut the door! The point is, have fun!
  2. Play an Instrument – Do you play a musical instrument? Do you want to learn to play? Regardless, all instruments require you to move a little. Choose an instrument that requires you to move – and a lot! One good example are the drums! All that banging will definitely burn some calories and help you build muscle (which burns fat, by the way!).
  3. Take a Yoga Class – Do you need a little exercise and relaxation in your life? You can get both by taking a yoga class! This art helps to increase your flexibility, strengthen your body, and burn calories! There are all types of creative yoga classes out there. Find out that seems appealing to you and is a bit on the creative side to really provide a boost to your health – such as acro-yoga!
  4. Go to the Playground – Do you have kids? Nieces? Nephews? Grandkids? If so, take them to the playground and play with them! Climb up that slide and actually go down it. Try your hand at making it across those monkey bars. Run across the balance beam. Push the kids on the swings. All of it counts as exercise and all of it counts as “fun”!
  5. Get a Bike – We ALL loved to ride bikes as kids. In fact, sometimes, that was all we did! We rode our bike to our friend’s house and asked if they wanted to “ride bikes”. Then, we went all around our neighborhood and had the times of our lives. Rekindle that childhood passion and buy yourself a bicycle. Then, ride it! Ride it to work, ride it to the store, ride all around your neighborhood. To make it even more fun, get your child, a friend, or a neighbor to join you. This is a truly enjoyable way to get in an excellent workout! This activity will allow you to burn about 600 calories an hour!
  6. Build a Fort – It does not matter if you have kids, you know someone with kids, or you are in a neighborhood with kids – build a fort! The kids – no matter who they are or where they come from – will love it! If you want to err on the side of caution – like if you are building it for a neighbor’s kid – ask the parents if you can build it in their yard. Not only will you be providing a truly remarkable and highly enjoyable gift that the child will cherish, all that measuring, cutting, painting, and decorating will provide a boost to your health!
  7. Talk on the Phone – Here is one we ALL love, at least to a point. Instead of texting and looking down at your phone, dial a relative or a friend, hit “send”, and have an actual conversation. While talking, walk around. Look forward, see the world, and enjoy the socializing. We ALL need more conversations in our life and your body will thank you for it! Walking burns up to 400 calories per hour!
  8. Gather Your Friends – Having a hard time getting motivated to exercise? Why not call up your friends? Gather everyone together and decide on an activity that everyone will enjoy. You could choose to go swimming, play one of those silly games you enjoyed from your childhood, hit the field for a game of softball, indulge in a HITT workout or simply go for a walk – the choice is yours! This is a great way to reconnect with those that you care about and to help yourself become healthier! If you choose the HIIT workout, you will be burning about 1800 calories an hour!
  9. Play a Sport – Since we mentioned softball, let’s talk about playing a sport. This is a great way to have a little fun while participating in an activity that will ship you right into shape! It does not matter if it is football, soccer, swimming, running, tennis, basketball, or golf – pick a sport, get all into it, and enjoy yourself!
  10. Jumping Rope – Have you ever wondered how many calories does jumping rope burn? If so, you will be amazed to know that it burns over 1000 calories each and every single hour! If you could do it for just 15 minutes a day, that is 250 calories – GONE! In addition to this, it also builds muscles – which, again, BURNS FAT! It will help you lose weight, increase your balance, and improve your health, as a whole!

As you can see, there are many ways to boost your health, in terms of exercise. Any type of exercise is better than no type of exercise. In addition to the ideas contained in this guide, you may also be interested in one of the following:

  • Smart Fit
  • Antigravity Treadmill Workouts
  • TRX
  • Tai Chi

To learn more about how to move so that it benefits your health, contact us here at Back to Motion Physical Therapy in Denver

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