Back to Motion had the pleasure of hosting the ladies of CWW to introduce the AlterG. They are all dedicated athletes working towards a variety of fitness goals. It was so fun getting to know all of them and to hear about their triumphs as well as their struggles. Many of them have had or are currently dealing with injuries. Injuries are part of the training. Back to Motion is the only outpatient physical therapy clinic in the Denver Metro area that has an Alter G anti-gravity treadmill. This unique piece of equipment will allow not just the ladies of CWW but any athlete to train through their injuries

All of the attendees took advantage of the free demos for the Alter G. The Alter G is the anti-gravity treadmill that allows athletes to do so many things. If an athlete is injured they can continue to train by getting on the Alter G and decreasing body weight allowing them to run pain free. Another really effective use of the Alter G is to increase your training without the risk of injury. Simply by unweighting the body by 10% the athlete is able to increase RPM’s and cardiac input without all of the pounding through the joints. Also if someone is new to running and want to avoid injury doing 1 to 2 workouts per week on the Alter G will help the body accommodate to running and decrease the risk of injury.

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