Cannabidiol (CBD) is quickly becoming one of the most popular remedies for a large assortment of physical ailments and psychological-based complications. CBD benefits are numerous according to new studies. From anxiety to seizures to cancer, CBD oil is making breakthroughs in healing.

Most are familiar with Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) when it comes to the cannabis plant. Cannabidiol, while derived from the same plant, is not “psychoactive”, so it does not result in the high associated with THC. Instead, it binds to receptors within the body.

This has the potential to help so many more people. Learn how CBD benefits your mind and your body.

What Does CBD Do?

CBD works in the body by directly interacting with a special system that we all have – the Endocannabinoid system (ECS).

The discovery of this system is a huge breakthrough in the medical industry. They have been finding out that CBD is very effective in the treatment of seizures, PTSD and inflammation. More in-depth studies are also being conducted in a dozen different types of cancer with positive results.

But what is CBD exactly?

Specifically, here’s how the Endocannabinoid system works in your body.

It is a regulatory system that consists of natural molecules that are similar to cannabis. The molecules called “endocannabinoids” work similarly to that of neurotransmitters.

The molecules send messages throughout the body. This helps to maintain a balance in homeostasis. The two receptors in the body – that are currently known – are the CB1 receptor and CB2 receptor.

Cannabidiol (CBD) molecule 3D
Cannabidiol (CBD) molecule 3D

CB1 Receptors

The CB1 receptors have a heavy presence within the brain. CBD attaches itself to these. When this happens, it is believed that it stops the release of certain neurotransmitters and increases the release of others.

CB1 receptors are directly involved with motor skills, cognitive functioning, memory, and pain. Additionally, these are believed to be involved with the thyroid, the liver, and the peripheral nervous system.

CB2 Receptors

The CB2 receptors are directly involved with the gastrointestinal tract, nervous system, and the immune system. CBD is effective in helping the body produce higher levels of its own endocannabinoids. As a result, it is beneficial to both the physiological and psychological health.

The receptors of the endocannabinoid system are positioned throughout the entire body. When cannabinoid (CBD) attaches to these receptors, they are “unlocked”. The cells in the body begin to change – in terms of functionality.

As a result, many positive changes begin to take place within the body. The endocannabinoid system assists in ensuring that all metabolic-based processes in the body are balanced and functioning in an optimal manner.

Examples of processes that are impacted include mood, appetite, inflammation, pain levels, muscle tone, and stress levels.

This is why CBD products are considered to be so beneficial – they assist with a large variety of medical and psychological conditions.

Wikipedia has a full list of the potential functions of the ECS system in your body. It’s quite extensive.

CBD Benefits

CBD OIL Benefits chart

CBD products have experienced a surge in popularity – especially since more states are legalizing the usage of marijuana. However, CBD does not create the euphoric high associated with marijuana. It is not considered to be intoxicating or addictive.

Because it is considered safe, CBD is now being utilized by the medical industry for many different health treatments.

In June of 2018, the Federal Drug Administration approved a drug for epilepsy that is made from purified CBD. This is called “Epidiolex”.

In addition to this, many studies have been done to individuals that suffer from a variety of physical and mental disorders. All of the patients – so far – have displayed positive results in experiencing relief from the symptoms in which they suffer from those various disorders.

Not only is symptom relief highly beneficial, but the fact that most that use CBD products do not have to turn to potentially addictive pharmaceuticals is also considered to be a major benefit to using CBD.

CBD Uses

According to CBD enthusiasts, there are several uses for cannabidiol. CBD products – especially oil – are quickly gaining in momentum, as far as the world of health and wellness is concerned.

Scientific studies have concluded that – while not yet approved by the Federal Drug Administration – it is highly beneficial in easing the symptoms associated with many common physical ailments and mental health issues, such as anxiety and depression.

The following outlines just a few of the many CBD uses for those that have an interest in gaining control over their health without the use of potentially dangerous and addictive drugs:

  • CBD Oil for Pain
    It is common for individuals to turn to over-the-counter or prescription medications in order to combat pain; however, that is no longer necessary. Many studies have indicated that CBD is an effective treatment for pain.

    The endocannabinoid system is actually a cell-signaling system. Being that CBD interacts with the core of that system, the tiny protein-based receptors attach to the cells and aid in the response of those cells.

    This not only helps in alleviating pain; it also helps in reducing inflammation throughout the body – which also causes pain. Here at Back to Motion, we actually use CBD on your body to help get rid of pain that you may be experiencing from illness and/or injury.

  • CBD Oil for Anxiety
    In 2010, a CBD study found that the chemical compound has the ability to reduce symptoms in those that suffer from social anxiety.

    When brain scans were done, it was determined that there were actually changes in the flow of blood to the areas of the brain that are linked to anxiety.

    Furthermore, extended usage indicated that CBD has the capability of changing the way in which the brain responds to anxiety. As a result, CBD is considered a promising treatment for the different types of anxiety that a person may experience.

    These include social anxiety, panic disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, and obsessive-compulsive disorder.

  • CBD for Arthritis
    According to numerous studies, arthritis is considered to be the leading cause behind disability across the nation. To date, just over 50 million people are affected by some type of arthritis.

    Studies have indicated that two common types of arthritis may be treated with CBD. These include rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis.

    Numerous studies have been conducted throughout the years that indicate that inflammatory pain may be reduced that is caused by arthritis, topical applications could assist in reducing the pain and inflammation of arthritis, and it may effectively treat joint pain.

  • CBD for Depression
    It has been established that depression and other mental health disorders have the capability of producing devastating health effects. Worldwide, depression is the biggest contributor to disability.

    In most instances, pharmaceutical drugs are used; however, these can lead to addiction, mood issues, sexual dysfunction, and physical complaints – such as gastrointestinal upset and headache.

    Studies have indicated that depression can be alleviated by using CBD products. This is because it acts on the receptors of the brain that control serotonin levels. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that is responsible for regulating mood and behavior.

  • CBD for Neurological Issues
    Individuals that have neurological conditions such as multiple sclerosis and epilepsy may benefit in many ways by using CBD.

    The benefits include the reduction of muscle spasms, the reduction of seizures, reduction of shaking and tremors, and decreased inflammation in the brain.

    Those that have Alzheimer’s disease and other types of dementias have used CBD and have experienced a prevention in cognitive-based decline. While studies are still be conducted on this, CBD products are currently being considered highly beneficial for neurological issues.

  • CBD for the Heart
    Many professionals and patients alike have found that CBD seems to offer many types of benefits for the heart and for the circulatory system.

    One main benefit is the reduction of blood pressure. High blood pressure can lead to the onset of metabolic syndrome, stroke, heart attack, and other serious issues.

    By regulating the blood pressure, these issues are successfully prevented and heart health is improved.

    CBD is considered to be an extremely powerful antioxidant. It is known for its stress-relieving properties. It reduces the amount of oxidative stress that the body experiences and was actually found to prevent damage to the heart in mice that had diabetes and heart disease – which means it could do the same for people.

  • CBD for Diabetes Prevention
    While information is limited, when used on mice that had diabetes, the disease was reduced and the inflammation associated with diabetes was also reduced.

  • CBD for Psychotic Episodes
    Individuals that have schizophrenia and other mental illnesses that include psychotic episodes have been found to experience fewer issues with the mental disorder once they used CBD or had CBD used on them.

  • CBD for Substance Addiction
    Due to its ability to modify the circuits within the brain that pertain directly to addiction, CBD has been found to be highly beneficial in reducing addiction. It has helped many overcome their addiction to various substances, such as illicit drugs and improper usage and/or usage of addictive prescriptions.

  • CBD for Cancer
    Cancer is a devastating condition that results in so many detrimental symptoms. Cancer treatments also cause a multitude of symptoms that bring devastation to patients.

    There was a CBD study performed that included nearly 200 people with cancer. It was discovered that CBD produced symptom relief.

    For those in treatments that cause nausea and vomiting, symptoms were also reduced.

    Test tube studies and those involving animals were conducted. The animal studies found that tumors became smaller and various types of cancers were prevented from being spread once CBD was used. The cancers tested involved animals that had breast cancer, brain cancer, lung cancer, prostate cancer, and colon cancer.

CBD Effects

There are many effects known to occur with CBD usage – all of which are highly therapeutic. It is true that CBD does not create a sense of euphoria, but it does produce a heightened sense of well-being.

It is not addictive. In fact, it works in correlation to the natural systems of the body to provide a boost to health.

While not regulated by the Federal Drug Administration, many medical professionals – such as specialists, psychiatrists, and physical therapists – are promoting the use of CBD oil and other products that contain CBD. The following outlines the many beneficial effects of CBD:

  • CBD helps to prevent and alleviate seizures
  • CBD helps to alleviate inflammation throughout the body
  • CBD helps to prevent and treat pain throughout the body
  • CBD helps to prevent and reduce anxiety
  • CBD helps to prevent and reduce depression
  • CBD helps to provide relief to cancer patients
  • CBD helps to prevent and treat psychotic episodes

If you have an interest in CBD, we can help! Here at Back to Motion, we will use CBD oil on you as we treat you. This way, you can see the positive CBD effects for yourself! Then, if you have an interest in purchasing, we offer a multitude of wonderful CBD oil products. To learn more about our “try before you buy” program, contact us today.

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