It’s likely that you have seen “CBD” advertised online, in the health store, or splashed across the windows of local vape shops. It’s popping up everywhere. Its use is encouraged at the spa, information at the coffee shop up on the corner, at an online retailer, or mentioned by a health care provider – such as a doctor, psychiatrist, or physical therapist.

CBD is quickly gaining popularity among the health-conscious. The question is no longer “does it offer health benefits?”, but rather, “is it legal?” and, “does it get you high?”

Is CBD Oil Legal?

There is no doubt that CBD is considered to be highly beneficial to your health. But will using it cause legal problems?

Currently, the legalities of CBD are considered to be a “grey area”.

In December of 2018, the Agricultural Improvement Act – which is most commonly referred to as the “Farm Act” – made a discrepancy. CBD created from a hemp extraction that contains either an extremely low level of THC or no THC at all will be “legal”.

However, the feds say that CBD created by the use of cannabis plants is considered “illegal”, though many states now deem that type of CBD “legal”.

In simple terms, CBD is legal – depending on the source in which it was derived.

cannabis plant

The most common plant in which CBD is derived is identified as “Cannabis sativa L.” This plant is used to create hemp. It also creates marijuana.

The difference? The chemical-based composition.

If the composition results in a high concentration of delta-9 Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), CBD is illegal. This is because THC is the compound that results in intoxication.

If the CBD contains only traces of THC – three-tenths of one percent or 0.3%, to be exact – it is considered to be “legal”.

The good news is, most CBD products advertised and sold by retailers, medical professionals, and others fall into the “legal” category.

If you are unsure as to which retailer is selling legal CBD, you should only stick to those such as doctors, physical therapists, and others in the healthcare industry. By doing so, you can rest assured that you are getting a pure product that will genuinely assist in optimizing your overall health.

Is THC Oil Legal?

Now that we have outlined a few facts regarding the legalities of CBD oil, it is time to move on to THC oil. What is this and is IT considered to be “legal”?

THC oil is a type of product that is created when the compound of “THC” is directly extracted from a marijuana plant. While it does contain a high amount of THC, it is still considered to be beneficial for health.

THC causes the user to experience a sense of euphoria or feelings of being “high”. For this reason, THC oil is considered to be “legal”, but it is heavily regulated and only considered to be legal if it is obtained through a prescription.

If you do not qualify for the prescription to obtain THC oil legally, CBD oil derived from hemp is considered to be a safe and legal alternative – under the condition that it contains either 0.3% or less of THC or no THC at all.

CBD oil for anxiety

Does CBD Oil Get You High?

Many people mistakenly believe that CBD oil will result in the same “high” that THC produces.

This is false.

CBD is not considered an intoxicant; however, CBD oil has been proven to be a very powerful compound that can alter one’s mood.

While it will not result in the “high” that, say, marijuana causes, it has the ability to impact a person’s mood, behavior, and psyche in many ways – all of which are considered to be “positive”.

CBD oil creates a general level of well-being – on both a physiological level and a psychological level. It is a type of natural “medicine” that has numerous therapeutic properties.

Small to moderate doses of CBD oil may result in higher levels of energy, less fatigue, and a clearer mind. Very high doses may result in the onset of a more relaxed state of being.

In fact, CBD oil has been found to be highly effective in combatting anxiety, insomnia, bipolar episodes, and combatting pain in those that have an injury, an underlying medical condition, and/or a pain condition – such as fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue syndrome.

So, while CBD oil will not make you “high” like marijuana, it can make you feel “good” on many different levels.

This is, in part, why it is considered to be a healthy alternative to opioids, surgery, and other prescription treatments often issued by medical professionals.

CBD Oil Drug Test

In today’s world of increasing health concerns and rising medical costs, many are looking for a safe alternative to improve their health.

In comes CBD oil.

This product is productive in helping those who have seizures, combatting anxiety, promoting restful sleep, and a wide array of other health benefits. Remember, legal CBD oil must contain no more than 0.3% THC. However, due to the fact that it is unregulated by the Federal Drug Administration, not all CBD oil contains small or no traces of THC.

As a result, it is possible to fail a drug test if certain types of CBD oil are consumed and/or utilized.

According to the Drug Enforcement Agency, individuals that elect to use CBD oil should expect to be exposed to very small amounts of other types of cannabinoids. In fact, the CBD oil products that are on the market today may be created from marijuana or may be created from hemp – many manufacturers will not disclose this information.

For this reason, you should ONLY use CBD products from manufacturers that clearly outline the fact that their products are created from hemp – much like the ones here at Back to Motion.

If you fail to do this, it is likely that you will test positive when given a drug test.

However, that same drug test will be negative if you use hemp-created CBD oil and related products.

The bottom line is, all CBD oil created from hemp is now considered to be “legal” in every state within the country; however, marijuana-derived CBD oil is not considered to be “legal”. If you consume this type of oil, you will test positive for THC. To employers and others that utilize drug tests, the positive result is the same as testing positive for marijuana.

Regardless of your reasoning, explanation, or the “true story” of what has happened, you must practice EXTREME caution when choosing your CBD products. Failure to do so could result in many complications for you – both on a personal level and a professional level.

TheHemp 5% CBD extract in MCT coconut oil without THC.

The FDA’s Take

The Federal Drug Administration does not currently regulate CBD, generally speaking; however, they have approved a certain type of CBD.

This type has been deemed as an appropriate treatment for two distinct types of childhood epileptic conditions. The medication containing this CBD is called “Epidiolex”. While this is a move in the right direction, most products available today are not regulated, may or may not have “pure” CBD, and may contain other types of substances that may be potentially harmful to the health.

The Federal Drug Administration is currently researching CBD and its overall health benefits. It is reviewing types, dosages, and effects.

For the time being, caution must be used.

If you want to reap the rewards of CBD, you must purchase from a reputable dealer – such as us here at Back to Motion.

We ensure the highest level of safety in terms of ingredients and in terms of dosages. Our products are specially designed in such a way that they offer many psychological and physiological health benefits.

While other types of retailers MAY offer the same quality product, we can only assure you of the purity and safety associated with our products.

When Taking CBD

When you choose to take CBD oil and use other types of CBD products, you should ensure that your doctor and health care team are heavily involved.

You should only start with very small doses, at first. Not only will this help you to see how you react and the benefits that you experience, but it will also help work you up to higher dosages that may prove to have a higher level of benefits to your general well-being.

You should inform your healthcare team of all medications that you take – be it over-the-counter, natural, or prescription. You should also outline the reasoning for taking CBD and your long-term goals associated with the endeavor.

If you would like to learn more about CBD oil, the health benefits of the substance, about the products that we carry, or how our products that benefit your health, simply contact us today

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