rib fractures

Any of you who have experienced rib fractures or rib dislocations – you know they can be very painful! Think there isn’t anything you can do for this pain, think again.  I have frequently used taping techniques to relieve pain and improve comfort in patients after fractured ribs or following rib dislocation.  Taping does not heal the fracture, but will significantly help improve your sleep and decrease pain.

Taping can also help improve biomechanics of the shoulder and scapula for persons with shoulder pain. If you notice pain with those everyday activities, e.g. reaching for a shelf, combing your hair, putting on or taking off your shirt that never hurt you before, taping and physical therapy treatment can help. Simple muscle retraining and taping techniques can help decrease the pain and improve your function.

If you, or someone you know, fits this picture call us today. We can take care of you!!

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