According to medical professionals, there are many types of fashion that harms us. Examples of these items include high heels, skinny jeans, unsupportive bras, and numerous other types of clothing and accessories. Many people have been found to suffer from digestive complications, headaches, body pain, numbness, and a wide array of other symptoms simply because of the clothes that they choose to wear. While being fashionable is the “in thing”, many are discovering that the clothes and accessories that they elect to wear are so ill-fitting and/or uncomfortable, that it is resulting in a trip to see their doctor.

Many doctors are starting to see patients suffering from nerve compression, as a result of wearing jeans, belts, and other types of clothing and accessories that are too tight. A neurologist that works at Rush University Medical Center has stated that wearing jeans and other types of clothing and accessory items that are too tight could result in the condition known as “Meralgia Parestthetica”. This is where the nerve that runs from the abdominal region down to the thigh is compressed. When this happens, pain, tingling sensations, and numbness may start to occur.

In addition to nerve compression, tight clothing could result in a large number of other medical complications. Examples of the issues that doctors have seen include discomfort in the abdomen and back region, frequent bouts of heartburn, and even belching on a continuous basis. Many doctors that work with patients state that these are all symptoms of a condition that they have identified as “Tight Pants Syndrome”; however, it is not only tight pants that result in these issues. Unsupportive bras, belts, body shapers, and other types of fashion items may also result in these issues.

Many people do not realize it, but, wearing tight clothing and fashion accessories has the potential to result in more than pain, discomfort, and nerve compression. There are several patients that have experienced respiratory complications as a result of their clothing choices. If tight clothing and accessories items are worn on the upper body, it could prevent the lungs from experiencing proper inflation. When this happens, it drastically reduces the oxygen intake of the body. As a result, one is likely to become dizzy, lightheaded, experience fainting spells, and/or suffer from breathing complications. Furthermore, if items – such as shirts with tight collars or tight ties – are worn, it could restrict the blood flow in the carotid vessels that move into the brain. As a result, issues such as headaches, blurred vision, and high levels of muscle tension may develop in the back and the shoulders.

It is possible to be fashionable without causing injury to yourself. High heel shoes have the ability to create bunions, cause you to sprain your ankle, and create hammer toes. Using bags that weigh too much could throw your back out. Unsupportive bras could result in aches, pains, and muscle issues in your back. Skinny jeans may result in nerve compression. Tight clothing, in general, could, literally, make you feel terrible and ruin your health. If you feel as if your clothing has resulted in body aches or discomfort, call us today for a consultation and for information on how we may help you: 303-832-5577

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