Fitness Classes
in Denver


Exercise and overall fitness are essential when overcoming an injury, healing pain, and developing balance. Just about every ailment that calls for physical therapy would benefit from the right exercise class. Join us weekly for our fitness classes here in Denver.
TRX Classes

TRX Classes

Want a great way to get a full body workout using some simple equipment and your own body weight? Come join us for a TRX class. You don’t have to be totally fit to join in, exercises can be adapted for your current strength or fitness level. Classes are located in Denver.

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TRX Classes

TAI CHI Classes

Tai Chi is a safe way to improve muscle strength, circulation, and balance that can help prevent a fall. Slow meditative movements are gentle on the body, while helping you reduce pain and stiffness. This centuries old practice might be just the class you need to improve overall fitness. Check out our class schedule.

Your first class is on us!

Stay Fit at Home!

What YOU CAN DO to Stay Fit…

The 7 Minute Workout

It may be the answer to a busy life strapping you down. It’s easy and quick and you can do this fitness workout at home. You only need a wall, a chair… and 7 minutes.

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