Wow what a buzz this article has created. It describes how important gait analysis is to staying injury free. I have been doing this for years with running Coach Maureen Roben. Our philosophy has been that a more efficient stride will make you a better injury free runner. The article states “Gait analysis seeks to identify the root of an injury, or a bad habit that may lead to one. It usually starts with an evaluation of strength and flexibility that includes some manipulation on an examination table and a series of exercises. A running session on a treadmill in front of a video camera follows.”

Now that Maureen and I have the Vi Perform we can easily collect all of the data you need to find out how to improve your running form. It is so simple, we place sensors on your legs and off you go. It’s not limited to a treadmill. Your mechanics will be measured on the surface you train on.

The Vi Perform measures Ground reaction forces (how hard you hit the ground) and compares your right and left leg so if there is an asymmetry it is identified. Initial Peak acceleration (this measure how far you travel vertically or how “bouncy” you are). The Vi Perform will also collect cadence and the amount of time you spend on each foot which is a measure of your efficiency. The Wall Street Journal article mentions how important these factors can be to running:  “a bouncy running motion is bad. If the waist rises more than 5 to 7 centimeters with each stride, the motion becomes inefficient and places unnecessary stress on the hips and knees. Landing too hard on the heel is another common pitfall. It’s fine for the heel to hit pavement first, but pounding down on it with too much force can cause pain and stress fractures.”

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