I usually take the bus to work.  In the most recent foul weather, which reminds me more of my hometown of Ithaca, NY, than the 300 sunny days that Colorado boasts, I bemoaned and begrudged property owners who were not conscientious enough to properly clear their sidewalks. Twice I fell!  Fortunately, neither incident resulted in any ego-crushing, full-on, slapstick, air-born feet, butt leading, wipe out.  Such a tumble, not only bruises one’s backside and spirit, many times it causes the pelvis to be jammed in an upward position.  Whether or not a pelvic “uplsip” really occurs is debated in the “Ivy” towers.  However, in this instance, common sense prevails.  When the feet go upsy-daisy and all of your weight comes down to Earth and half of your pelvis takes the force of the landing, somethin’s gotta go. The innominate (that’s a half pelvis) shifts upward and can get stuck.

When the pelvis is lodged against the border of the sacrum this leads to new stresses of walking funny, standing funny, and even sitting funny (and I don’t mean funny haha). Those aberrant patterns lead to back pain, buttock pain, and leg pain.  The pain is from acute inflammation from tissue damage from the blunt force of the fall.  It is also from the pelvis not moving correctly. When you walk, the pelvis rotates forward and backward.  When it becomes jammed upward like a drawer in a dresser that’s cockeyed then typical rotation is not permitted.  The back has to extend and rotate more and repeatedly make the back work harder which can aggravate the back.  Equally so, the stuck pelvis requires the hip to extend more when walking and flex more when sitting or going up stairs and that can lead to aggravating the hip joint and the surrounding muscles.

If the funny movement patterns remain for a long time they become engrained in your brain as “normal,” perpetuating the mechanisms that aggravate your hip and back and now potentially farther down to your knee.

That’s why you should come in and see us sooner rather than later.  We can make sure the spine, pelvis, and hip are moving correctly.  If they are not, we can loosen the stiff regions and give you exercises to control the too mobile regions.  We can give you ideas to mitigate your pain.  The earlier you see us, usually, we have better news about your prognosis.

I’m certain we are going to have Upstate New York weather again, hopefully, you won’t take a spill, but if you do, get in to see your PT even if it is not us.  Your PT will help get you moving and feeling better so you can go out to play when it’s weather more typical of Colorado.

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