According to recent health science news, the technological stances that we partake in when using our cell phones and the activities that we engage in while using cell phones may result in numerous health complications. It is a known fact that most individuals that own and utilize a smart phone spend countless hours a day looking down at the device. When it is not in use, it is common for one to feel anxious in regards to its next use. As a nation, we, literally, have an obsession with our smart phones and similar mobile devices. Unfortunately, this obsession is starting to have a detrimental impact on our health. In this guide, you will learn how the stances that we take when using technology and other cell phone activities actually hurt us.

Text Claw

The first and most common medical condition that is occurring more frequently with individuals that engage in technological stances on a regular basis is referred to as, “Text Claw”. According to health science news, this is a term that describes the cramping and muscle pains that occur when we continuously scroll, text, and even play games on our smart phones. In addition to the cramping and pain that accompanies these activities, inflammation may occur within the tendons of the hand and wrist. Many that have been diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome and/or tendonitis have found that cell phone activities may result in increased symptoms and discomfort.

Cell Phone Elbow

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Many of the technological stances that are engaged in result in the onset of a condition that many doctors are referring to as “Cell Phone Elbow”. Basically, this happens as a result of cell phone use and causes pain, tingling sensations, and numbness in the ring finger and the pinky finger in the hand as a result of excessively bending the elbow.

Text Neck

According to health science news, many technological stances detrimentally impact the neck and back. Namely, slouching or bending over the device for long periods of time. Many are referring to this as “Text Neck”. Out of many young adults evaluated in the United Kingdom, approximately 84% had some sort of back or neck pain within the past year as a result of being hunched over while using their cell phones, mobile devices, and computers.

Phantom Vibrations

The next complication that technological stances and cell phone use could result in is referred to as “Phantom Vibrations”. That is, feeling as if the cell phone is vibrating in the pocket or other locations in close proximity to the body where cell phones are typically kept. Many medical professionals feel that this could result from anxiously waiting on texts and calls, while others feel it could be the nerves or muscles responding to familiar sensations.


Technological stances could result in the development of many medical issues that could impact your body and your range of motion. According to health science news, the best method to overcoming these limitations is to work with a professional physical therapy specialist. These professionals will help you learn how to properly stretch your body and to regain the comfort that you once experienced before you started using cell phones and similar products. For more information about physical therapy and for more health science news, contact Back to Motion Physical Therapy today at: 303-832-5577

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