According to physical therapy research topics, hiking requires different muscle groups than skiing. While hiking and skiing are both considered to be excellent forms of exercise, it is important to prepare properly for each before engaging in these activities. Hiking uses one set of muscles and skiing uses the same muscle groups used for running. Each of these physical activities provides a person with cardiovascular benefits, pulmonary-based benefits, and has the ability to optimize stamina, improve strength, and increase muscle tone. Before starting a hiking regimen, you should make certain that you take the time to prepare in an adequate fashion. In this guide, you will learn just that.

Proper Timing
One of the most important aspects to training for hiking is proper timing. First, you should know and understand that it is never too soon to prepare your body for the physical activity of hiking. If you are relatively healthy, you should start training a few months ahead of your hiking adventure. If your health is less than optimal, you should plan to start your training even more in advance than a few months’ time. The best type of training, according to physical therapy research topics, is the type that places a lot of emphasis on building strength in the legs and in the back.

Ideal Activities
To properly prepare yourself for a hiking adventure and the muscle groups that are required for such activities, you should perform the following exercises with supervision:

  • First, you should hike uphill with a moderately-sized pack on your back.
  • If you live in a region that has snow or sand, you should plan your hiking exercises within these substances in order to optimize the muscle mass within your legs and in your back region.
  • If you have access to stairs, you should walk, hike, or run up and down them. As you continue to perform this activity, be certain to increase the weight in your backpack so that you may accumulate muscle mass in your back and buttocks region.
  • You may run on a regular basis in order to experience the benefits of aerobic exercise and cardiovascular-based conditioning. It is often best to run on different terrains. The best type of terrain is the type that goes at an incline. This will assist in increasing the muscular development of the different muscle group that will assist you in hiking.

Hiking is an enjoyable, yet physically-demanding, activity. In order to ensure that you and your body is prepared for such an endeavor, you should perform the exercises included in this guide on a regular basis. In evaluating physical therapy resource topics, you will often find that many doctors and specialists recommend engaging in a physical therapy program in order to build muscle. Not only will the different muscle groups benefit from these exercises, but, your cardiovascular health will benefit, too. For more information on a physical therapy program that will prepare you for hiking, contact Back to Motion Physical Therapy at: 303-832-5577

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