The SMARTfit™ system is a unique mixture of products that are designed to optimize the functionality of your body and train the brain. Learn how to keep your brain healthy with this revolutionary system’s technology.

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How Does SMARTfit™ Work?

The SMARTfit™ system integrates the use of an Android/IOS App that activate intelligent targets that are designed to move individuals through various types of movements that are designed in such a way that they coordinate motor movements, functional movements, and cognitive processes.

This system helps in the processes of neurogenesis and neuroplasticity. Scientists, medical doctors, neurologists, and psychologists have determined – through many studies – that there is a positive correlation between movements of the body and the optimization of the functionality of the brain.

If you have an interest in learning how to keep your brain healthy, SMARTfit™ is for you.


How Your Brain Changes with Age

Each year of your life, the body and the brain are experiencing numerous changes. By our twenties, the brain starts to suffer from the effects of aging. We start to lose neurons – which are the special cells that the brain and the nervous system are made up of.

Many medical professionals state that our brain during our twenties has reached its peak, when it comes to performance. In our thirties, our spatial skills, our ability to reason, and the speed in which we think starts to decline. The brain loses volume. Its cortex becomes thinner. The receptors fail to fire quickly. The myelin sheath starts to suffer from degradation. Our reaction time becomes hindered.

During our forties and fifties, our ability to reason continues to decline. Our verbal fluency is detrimentally impacted and our sharp memories often start to dull.

By the time we hit our sixties, the brain starts to shrink. It becomes more difficult to access our lifetime of knowledge and to add knowledge.

In the seventies and eighties, our brains suffer from the effects of inflammation. Deposits start to form in the brain. After the age of 85, the brain continues to decline and our chance for developing a form of dementia increases by 50%.

The good news, the SMARTfit™ system can help to reduce the effects of aging on the brain.

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How to Keep Your Brain Healthy

The single most important activity that you can do – when learning how to keep your brain healthy – is to move.

Physical fitness is the core component of success in staying healthy physiologically, psychologically, and neurologically. The SMARTfit™ system not only keeps you moving, but it provides you with games and activities that are designed to keep your brain functioning at an optimal level.

Here at Back to Motion, we have integrated this revolutionary system into our fitness regimen.

If you have a passion for keeping your brain healthy, keeping your body performing at an optimal level, and a desire to ensure that you reduce your risk for developing any type of dementia – such as Alzheimer’s disease – learn how to get started with SMARTfit™

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