prep-body-for-gardeningAccording to health science news, medical professionals are now encouraging individuals to prep their body before engaging in gardening activities. While gardening is often considered to be a highly therapeutic activity that is good for both the mind and the body, it has been established that it can be a physically demanding activity. While digging in the dirt and preparing the ground for new plant life is an exciting and beneficial activity, it could prove to be highly problematic if the body is not properly introduced. In exploring health science news articles, you will quickly discover that medical professionals do believe that gardening is a type of exercise. Lifting bags of fertilizer and mulch, engaging in unusual postures while preparing the ground, and prolonged exposure to outdoor environmental elements could all pose complications to the body – especially one that has not been properly conditioned for the activities. In this guide, you will learn how to prep the body for gardening so that your hobby does not pose any physical complications.

While gardening may be an activity that you enjoy and it may be relaxing to your mind, it has the ability to take a physical toll on your body as it IS exercise. Before starting any type of gardening activities, it is imperative that you warm up the muscles and the joints. This is a relatively easy task. Simply walk for approximately ten minutes and perform some simple stretches that involve both the arms and the legs. Your body will be engaging in physical activities that are outside what it normally performs. As a result, it is imperative that you properly prepare through warm-up exercises.

Change Positions Regularly
The body is not designed to engage in sustained positions for very long periods of time; however, when you engage in gardening, it is likely that you will remain in sustained positions for prolonged periods of time while preparing the ground, planting seeds, and pulling weeds. You should commit to avoid keeping one position for longer than 15 minutes at a time. By changing your position on a regular basis, you are avoiding common complications, such as excessive fatigue, the overuse of certain muscles, and injuries to the muscles and the joints.

Proper Body Mechanics
When researching health science news, you will find that most medical professionals encourage gardeners to practice proper body mechanics when engaging in their hobby. Examples of the proper mechanics include the following:

  • You should avoid engaging in repetitive bending. This is especially true when it comes to the neck and the back. By doing this, you may sustain a muscle injury, or, you may cause damage to the discs in your back.
  • When gardening and you need to use force, be sure to place that force close to the center of your gravity.
  • If bending and lifting is necessary, it should be done with the knees and the hips, not the back.
  • If possible, use tools with long handles in order to avoid having to bend and reach unnaturally.
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Health science news informs us that individuals in the medical field are now encouraging gardeners to prep their body before engaging in their hobby. Yes, gardening is relaxing and is considered to be exceptionally therapeutic for the mind; however, it has the potential to cause numerous complications to the body, if not done properly. First, you should make sure to warm up the muscles and the joints. Next, you should make sure that you change positions on a regular basis while gardening. Finally, it is important to use proper body mechanics. If you need further assistance in prepping your body for gardening and similar physical activities, you may contact Back to Motion Physical Therapy at 303-832-5577.

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