physical therapy first saves copay

Did you know that you can reduce your Copay expenses significantly by doing Physical Therapy First?

If you suffer from lower-back pain or struggle to walk or stand. If you experience severe muscle spasms or stiffness is preventing you from living life to its fullest, it is time to seek professional assistance. Most people turn to their doctor when the lower back starts; however, this might be a very costly mistake.

If you are a low back pain sufferer, you may reduce health copay expenses significantly by opting for physical therapy treatment first.

In 2012, a study was published that utilized an immense database of 32,070 patients that consulted a medical doctor for a low back pain consultation. Each patient was studied to determine which made use of physical therapy services within a three-month period of their seeing a medical doctor for their back pain.

Sufferers that made use of services offered by physical therapists within a two-week period had lower costs than patients that elected to use these services three weeks to three months after their initial medical consultation.

Additionally, those that opted for early physical therapy services were less likely to have to continue to see their doctor, take medications and/or injections for pain, or have to undergo surgery for their condition.

The bottom line?

Physical Therapy first allows you to heal faster, experience fewer complications, and will help save thousands of dollars in copays and other medical expenses.

In most instances, patients that see their primary care provider prior to physical therapy specialists are more likely to delay treatment by physical therapists because of delayed referrals by those medical providers. Unfortunately, this proves to be highly detrimental to patients.

Physical therapists work diligently with patients to enhance their unique sense of self-reliance in order to deal with the pain and discomfort caused by lower back pain. Instead of promoting dependency on pain medications, injections, and medical procedures, patients that utilize physical therapy services are encouraged to depend on themselves and activities that they may perform – such as stretches, exercises, and special relaxation techniques.

Physical therapy services encourage decreasing pain, increasing a patient’s overall level of function, and educating patients on self-management programs.

Patients are taught how to reduce pain in their lower back and are educated on exercises that may be performed without the assistance of a medical professional or specialized medical machinery.

Modalities such as heat packs, ice packs, iontophoresis, and TENS units may also be used. All of these methods for treating lower back pain are much cheaper than medical treatments provided by medical professionals.

If you suffer from lower back pain, there is a way to overcome the challenges that you face without breaking the bank. You can avoid expensive health copays and related expenses by opting for physical therapy first.

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