There are many different natural treatments for lupus. This medical condition occurs when an individual’s immune system looks upon itself as a threat. It is considered to be a disease that is autoimmune based. Instead of the immune system focusing on invaders, such as viral and bacterial agents that can be harmful, it focuses on the tissues and organs of the body.

As a result, an individual suffering from this condition can experience painful inflammation, as well as complications surrounding the organs and other essential components of the body. If you suffer from lupus, you are likely to benefit from the natural treatments for coping with this condition that will be outlined in this guide.

Symptoms of Lupus

There are many different types of symptoms that occur when an individual experiences lupus. Those that suffer will experience the symptoms in intervals, called “flares”. Many may refer to these intervals as “relapses” as well. When the symptoms are minimal, this is referred to as a period of “remission”. One of the most common symptoms is inflammation around the areas of the body that have joints. This inflammation is typically extremely painful. Due to the fact that the body is in a constant battle with itself, it is not uncommon for a low grade to high fever being present on a consistent basis.

Many individuals who suffer from this potentially serious medical condition often feel extreme levels of fatigue on a consistent basis. One may also suffer from sores in the area of the mouth, as well as rashes that appear on the skin of the body. Those that experience a skin rash most always associate it with sun exposure. Then, of course, there may be symptoms that are experienced that are a direct result of the impact that lupus has on the organs. It has been established that the cells in the blood, as well as the nervous system can also be affected by this painful medical condition.

natural treatments for lupus

Rest and Low Stress Levels are important natural treatments for lupus

Natural Treatments for Lupus

While it is important to follow the treatment regime that a doctor will outline for lupus patients, there are natural treatments for lupus as well. These treatments do not work to cure the condition; they work to soothe the symptoms associated with the condition. Seeing that feeling tired is often a symptom this condition, there are certain things that can be done to combat fatigue.

First, attempt to schedule yourself for eight to twelve hours of sleep each night. You should have a set bedtime and a set time that you plan to wake each day. Having a regular sleep cycle is important for the lupus patient. As you handle your day to day responsibilities, be sure to pace yourself and reach out for assistance when you need it.

Stress has been determined to be a culprit for the flares that are associated with lupus. It is important that you work to reduce the amount of stress that you have in your day to day life. It is important to attempt to schedule your day so that you carry a light load. If you find that you are unable to handle certain things, be sure to practice the art of delegating responsibilities to others.

You should also consider ways that you can relax throughout the day. This may include reading, watching television, listening to music, playing a game, or even meditating. When the body feels stress, it immediately goes into the “fight or flight” mode and places an unusual amount of pressure on the body. In turn, if you suffer from lupus, you may find yourself experiencing an immediate flare up. 

Lupus can be a devastating condition for the individual that suffers from it. While there are medical treatments for this particular condition, there are also many natural treatments for lupus that one can engage in so that flare ups can be prevented, and the symptoms of the condition may not be as bothersome.

While following a doctor’s regime on treating the condition is important, the natural solutions offered here for coping can be extremely beneficial. When engaged in together with healthy diet and exercise, these strategies can be extremely productive for the lupus sufferer.

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