There is a song by the White Stripes called “Girl, You Have No Faith in Medicine”. This song talks about the placebo effect of medicine. Well to be truthful with you – prior to working with the clinicians at Back to Motion that is how I thought of physical therapy; I didn’t give it much worth.

I have been involved in the medical field for well over 20 years. In that time I have worked with many physicians who turn their noses up at the thought of physical therapy even though they know it works. Turns out they struggle finding a reputable physical therapist who they feel isn’t out to just bill insurance companies and make a profit.

Just like the doctors I have worked with I have seen some pretty “fly-by-night” operations out there – but I am here to say Back to Motion is not one of them.  When I first took the position here I asked around about the reputation of Back to Motion and I heard excellent comments about the practice and clinicians.

Our clients are never rushed. They come in and are given quality, one-to-one personal care and professional treatment. They are shown how they can participate in their own care to gain further function and get back to their lives – whether it is running, walking their dogs, working in their yards, playing tennis, or playing with their grandkids. I have seen how in no time at all they are back doing what they love to do.

I am a convert! I love physical therapy and now understand the benefits of quality physical therapy care.

Brenda Shea

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