My hip has bothered me for a number of years but the last two years it had really started to impact me and my life. I stopped running to see if that would decrease the pain. It did for a while and then I started to have pain after walking for long distances. In the past 5 months a mile walk would result in me limping and being kept awake at night. After a change in insurance I decided to take to the plunge and see a doctor about my hip.

On October 4th I had arthroscopy surgery to correct a tear in some cartilage. The rehab was to be two weeks on crutches and then start some functional rehab. Well when I was in recovery my husband mentioned that I had a more extensive surgery then was anticipated. What that meant, 6 weeks on crutches with partial weight bearing. Not the news I wanted to hear.

Recovery at home for the first few days went pretty well. Not much discomfort and moving was cumbersome but manageable. I was wearing a hip brace and icing with the ice machine about every hour. The cold and compression felt great. Within the first week I was able to dress and shower myself, big steps. Due to circumstances at my clinic, the next week I had to go to work. Moving around the clinic and caring for patients while on crutches proved to be a challenge. Every night I would get home and tumble into bed. During this time period I was seen one time per week for PT. I wasn’t allowed to do much in the way of exercises so I was doing everything at home. Between working and managing at home I have to admit I was only doing my exercises about every other day.

The next obstacle was driving. The surgeon recommended no driving for 6 weeks. Well that wasn’t an option. My husband or the staff at Back to Motion was driving me to and from work. At week two I started to drive. Driving was comical; I was so far back from the steering wheel I looked like I belonged in Española New Mexico.

At Thanksgiving I was off of my crutches. I of course over did it as soon as I was off of the crutches. This resulted in quite bit of discomfort. I continued to only perform my exercises sporadically. I found myself wanting to do exercises that were fun and not the ones my PT wanted me to do. I was a horrible patient.  From that point on my PT has hit a holding pattern until I can start to do more functional activity.

After the New Year I will let you know how the PT is doing as the patient. Hopefully better then I did in 2011.

Have a Happy New Year.


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