Physical Therapy For

Hip Pain


Hip Pain Can Be Confusing.

It can be caused by many different things.

The hip often refers into other areas of the body such as knee or the buttock so it can be disguised.

Don’t be fooled! Let us help you figure it out…

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Some hip problems are caused by arthritis. Arthritis happens from normal wear and tear and sometimes from trauma.

There are times when the hip pain is caused by some cartilage problems much like the knee.

In addition, there is a bursa on the outside of the hip that can be painful when inflamed.

There are many muscle that attach to the hip and any of them can become tight and painful.

Hip pain can cause problems walking, sitting and running

Any kind of hip pain will limit you from doing many of the things you love and need to do. The hip is loaded during sitting and certainly during running and walking.

A little irritation of the hip joint or the muscle around the hip can cause a lot of trouble.

Back to Motion will help you get back to pain free walking or sitting

Physical Therapy for Hip Pain

What We Do

Through a thorough examination the clinicians at Back to Motion will be able to determine what is causing your hip pain.

Once the cause is determined then we will discuss with you what is the best way to manage your hip including a very specific hip strengthening and/or stretching program.

Soon you will back to your regular activities.

Physical Therapy is proven to relieve hip pain.
    We see it every day…

"The team at Back to Motion has done a great job...

of helping me recover fully from my recent hip replacement. I would recommend them very highly. ”

~ John C


“Lorienne has really helped me with my hip pain – the therapy and exercises are assisting me get ‘Back to Motion’.”

~ Becki

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