Physical Therapy For

Knee Pain
Physical therapy has been shown to be more effective in managing arthritis and some cartilage problems than other medical options.
We know you’re in pain. Knee pain is difficult to live with.
Depending on the ligament that is involved and how serious the tear is PT can help stabilize the knee. There is no reason your activity has too stop, Back to Motion can help.
runner suffering knee pain
There are several reasons you might have knee pain. Arthritis in the knee or the knee cap, cartilage problems or a ligament strain/tear.
There are two areas where arthritis can develop in the knee. The back of the knee cap can become arthritic and cause pain when you go up and down stairs. Arthritis in the knee joint can cause discomfort with standing and long-term walking.
Another type of headache is a migraine. Migraine headaches are usually caused by genetic or environmental factors. Often, they can be set off by hormones, food, stress and or physical exertion.
A stretch or tear of the one of the major ligaments can making walking or a higher-level activity difficult because the knee will feel like it is giving way.
Back to Motion can help you manage your knee problems.
Physical Therapy for Knee Pain
What We Do
We can help you determine what is the cause of your knee pain. Once the cause is identified a treatment plan will be developed to manage your knee problem.
Arthritis and cartilage problems can be managed well with specific strengthening exercises.
Ligament strain and or tears also are managed with a very specific and progressive exercise program. There are some treatments Back to Motion can offer that will help manage the pain and swelling associated ligament problems.
Physical Therapy is proven to help with knee pain.
We see it every day…

"Thank you to Back To Motion... I couldn’t have done it without you!"

In 2015 I won 5 age-group World Championships in Triathlon and Duathlon, including the Ironman in Kona HI. At age 57, I’ve experienced some knee injuries in recent years. But thanks to the AlterG and Back to Motion, I’ve been able to keep up my training so I could be ready to compete at the highest levels.

Thank you to Back To Motion and the Alter G. I couldn’t have done it without you!

~ Ellen Hart

"I’ve had substantial improvement in my knee"

Back to Motion always has great customer service, and they help you every step of the way with recovery. I’ve had substantial improvement in my knee since coming, and would recommend anyone to this facility. They are also very well priced, which helped quite a bit.

Rachel, Arvada

"I walked 18 holes of golf"

Thanks to physical therapy with Lorienne I walked 18 holes of golf yesterday. This is only 5 months after my knee replacement.

Rosanne, Denver, CO

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