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Low Back Pain Physical Therapy – A Positive and Productive Approach for Sufferers

Physical Therapy for low back pain is now considered a positive and productive approach for sufferers. Approximately 31 million people in the United States alone are experiencing some degree of low back pain. This ailment is considered to be the leading cause for disability throughout the world.

Researchers say that approximately 80% of the world’s population will, at some point suffer from low back pain. Additionally, at least $50 billion in expenses occurs each year as a result of back pain. Given these statistics, it is quite obvious that back pain is a very serious issue.

If you suffer from pain in your lower back, you should try physical therapy to cope with and resolve the issue. This has been found to be more productive than developing a dependency on medications, surgery; or worse, having the condition without any treatment.

Potential Causes

The back is considered to be a very complicated structure in the body. It consists of bones, numerous joints, a large assortment of ligaments, and many muscles. Bones have the capability of deteriorating. Joints have the potential to become worn. Ligaments and muscles may develop strains, become worn, or become sprained. Even the smallest of movements may result in immense pain and numerous complications.

In addition to all of this, issues such as underlying medical conditions, improper posture, stress, and even being overweight may place unnatural strain on the back and complicate any issues that are currently occurring with the back. Diseases, illnesses, injuries, and movements may quickly result in the onset of low back pain. While it may be tempting to opt for prescription medications, chiropractic care, over-the-counter remedies, and even surgery, it is not advised.

You should always seek low back pain treatment from a physical therapist as the first line of defense. In doing so, you are likely to find it easier to resolve the challenge.

Physical Therapy May Eliminate Low Back Pain

Low back pain physical therapy is backed by a substantial amount of evidence supporting its effectiveness for sufferers. The exercises that are performed during the course of physical therapy provide a heightened level of strength and stability which may reduce pain, improve functioning, and optimize the range of motion of the back.

One of the most productive exercises utilized in physical therapy sessions is lumbar stabilization. These exercises are designed to strengthen the muscles that are directly responsible for stabilizing and supporting the spine. Not only is this an exercise that will increase the strength of the back, but it is an exercise that helps ensure that the spine is properly positioned and maintains that position.

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