Physical Therapy For

Neck Pain


Neck pain can limit you wanting to sit or move your head. It can interfere in driving, work and certainly sleep.

We know you’re hurting. Neck Pain is difficult to live with.

Tightness in your neck muscles can cause headaches as well as neck pain.

headache pain


There are several reasons you might have neck pain It could be muscles, it could be the joints or the disc.


There are two sets of joints for every vertebra in your neck. Like any joint in your body those joints can become arthritic and painful when you move.


Muscles in your neck and upper back can get tight and sore lead to pain. Sometimes the muscle is sore because of a joint problem or poor posture or both.

the Disc

Lastly like in your back the disc can push on a nerve. This can cause pain in your neck pain that can travel down into your arm.
Back to Motion can help you get control over neck pain

Physical Therapy for Neck Pain

What We Do

We can help you determine what is causing your neck pain. Once we know if it is joint, muscles or disc we can develop a treatment plan that addresses the symptoms and the cause.
Tight neck muscle can be addressed by massage and dry needling.
Manual therapy to address movement for all the joints in your neck.
Posture retraining including exercises to help strength muscle necessary to keep your head over your shoulders.
Traction for disc problems to get the pressure of the nerve.

Physical Therapy is proven to relieve neck pain.
    We see it every day…

"I feel so blessed to have been referred to her..."

I have cervical stenosis that impacts the nerves coming out of my neck. Dr. Lorienne Fisher is amazingly good at finding the correct procedures to alleviate the pain and promote healing. I feel so blessed to have been referred to her. They also have very flexible hours so that it’s easy to find a time that works for me without interrupting my work schedule. I have been to Physical Therapy in the past and have been to some very good therapists, but none better than Dr. Fisher.
Allen B, Morrison

"I highly recommend Back to Motion..."

After working with the knowledgeable staff my neck pain and headaches have decreased significantly. I highly recommend Back to Motion to anyone in need of physical therapy.
Vickie, Denver, CO
Patty really knows the body and got the nerve and muscle issues in my neck under control. Now I’m back to exercising and enjoying life.
I have a history of chronic headaches, jaw and neck pain and I had two-three sessions and felt significantly better.
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