physicaltherapy-morecosteffective-imagingAccording to a recent study that was outlined in the publication, Health Services Research, physical therapy is a more cost effective treatment option for those seeking relief for back pan than imaging. When a patient wants chronic back pain relief and is referred to a physical therapist, the costs were approximately less than half of the costs associated with imaging services. Additionally, using physical therapy as an alternative to imaging was found to generate less expense associated with the use of health resources, over time. Several medical professionals analyzed medical records and health information pertaining to those who had consulted a primary care doctor for lower back pain and were referred outside of that primary care doctor’s office within a 6 week period. For those that were referred for magnetic resonance imaging, the cost averaged just over $1300.00. For those that were referred to a physical therapist, the cost averaged just over $500.00. The subsequent expenses over the period of the following year following the referrals found that those that went to physical therapy had 72% lower costs.

According to this study, the researchers found that individuals referred to an imaging specialist first were more likely to be prescribed treatments such as injections and surgeries. Furthermore, these patients were likely to spend more on specialist services and visits to their local emergency room. The reason for this is that most imaging results label a patient’s lower back pain as “nonspecific” and even “uncomplicated”. As a result of this, both doctors and patients develop a heightened concern and that results in additional medical care. Patients that were initially referred to a physical therapist for chronic back pain relief, on the other hand, were provided with an active way of coping with their back pain. Physical therapy provides patients with numerous exercises and natural treatment techniques that, ultimately, enhance their ability to believe that they may manage their condition successfully, without the use of injections, medications, and surgeries. If you are in search of relief for back pain, it is in your best interest to opt for physical therapy instead of imaging. Not only will you experience the chronic back pain relief that you are seeking, but, you will learn how to cope with that back pain, should it return.

Next to the cold, lower back pain is considered to be one of the most common reasons that patients seek out medical care. As a result of this fact, billions of dollars are spent annually in medical expenditures, as well as lost labor due to patients missing work as a result of their pain. On average, each day, in the United States, nearly 10,000 people visit an emergency room seeking relief for back pain. As a result of this figure, it has been established that there is a 629% increase associated with the use of steroid injections, a 423% increase in prescriptions written for opioids, and a 307% increase in the amount of spinal fusions performed. By simply avoiding imaging and going straight to a physical therapist, you can successfully avoid becoming part of the ever-growing statistics associated with imaging costs for chronic back pain relief. A more positive, productive, and affordable approach for relief for back pain is physical therapy. To experience chronic back pain relief, contact Back to Motion today at: 303-832-5577.

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