Physical therapy is considered to be a more effective solution for back muscle pain than surgery, according to an article featured in the publication “Journal of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons” in 2009. The study conducted to reach this conclusion suggests that in situations where patients suffer from back muscles pain from symptomatic lumbar degenerative disc disease and similar medical conditions, the most productive treatment measure includes a combination of physical therapy and medications with anti-inflammatory properties.

On average, it has been determined that up to 85% of all adults will experience some degree of back pain in their lifetime. Based on the study and information released by the organization known as the “American Physical Therapy Association” (APTA), patients suffering from back muscles pain should opt for physical therapy as the first type of treatment measure for their issue, instead of opting for surgery, which could be exceptionally costly and could result in a large number of complications.

Most Common Cause of Back Pain

Degenerative disc disease is considered to be the most common reason behind back pain. This starts when one of the discs in the back – which is subjected to a type of repetitive strain on a regular basis, is injured, or experiences deterioration from the natural aging process – starts to weaken.

As the affected disc experiences this weakness, it is no longer able to successfully stabilize the vertebrae in the back as it should. This often results in the onset of back pain.

While there are several different types of treatments available for individuals with this condition and other conditions that result in back pain, it has been established that medications that combat inflammation and physical therapy often result in the alleviation of discomfort. In fact, this unique combination has been outlined as the “cornerstone” of treatment for patients that is non-surgical.

How Physical Therapy Helps

Intervention that involves the use of physical therapy focuses on strengthening the core groups of muscles in the body – including those in the lumbar musculature and the abdominal wall. Most PTs encourage the use of a special type of manual manipulation therapy and exercise. Spinal manipulation is also a very common course of action when it comes to treating back muscles pain. Physical therapists also educate sufferers of back muscles pain on how to use the appropriate level of body mechanics and are encouraged to remain as active as possible. Physical therapists will review each patient on an individual basis and determine the best treatment for their individual needs. This optimizes the overall effectiveness of physical therapy care for the patient that experiences back muscles pain.

The ultimate goal for any physical therapist that is working with a patient that is suffering from back muscles pain is to ensure that the individual is able to maintain their unique quality of life and to assist them in successfully avoiding surgery.

The strengthening of core muscle groups in the body, as well as hands-on physical therapy that assists in mobilizing the spine are considered to be exceptionally effective.

If you are an individual that suffers from back muscles pain, you should opt for physical therapy before electing to have back surgery.

Physical therapists will help you in developing an exercise program that is safe and tailored to your needs and your goals, as an individual. Surgery is not a cure-all. It should be used only as a last resort. If you are interested in seeking out physical therapy as a treatment for back pain, contact us today.

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