If you are suffering from seasonal affective disorder or the “winter blues”, a home exercise program can be very effective. Many find that the bitter temperatures and the icy roads that are common in the winter months make them dread going outdoors, much less to the gym.

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The good news is, planning a home exercise program for winter is exceptionally easy and highly beneficial for those battling with SAD. Apart from being great for you physically, a home exercise program is a great way to break out of your regular routine and lend some inspiration on being physically active. In this brief guide, we will offer some tips on how to plan this type of exercise program.

Understand How Exercise Helps You, Mentally

The first step to planning a home exercise program for winter is to develop an understanding of how that exercise will help you, mentally. According to studies, physical activity aids in boosting serotonin levels, natural endorphins, and other chemicals that help you “feel good”. Additionally, exercise helps in boosting one’s self-esteem, providing a natural boost to the immune system, and improving the sleep cycle – all of which can help you overcome the symptoms associated with seasonal affective disorder.

Determine Which Exercises Are Best for Depression

Research has shown that there are several different exercises that are considered to be ideal for depression. If you suffer from seasonal affective disorder, you should determine which exercises will benefit you the most.

According to Simplemost, these include yoga, running, hiking, dancing, strength training, and tai chi. When planning your winter home exercise program, you should ensure that you include as many of these exercises as possible in your regimen in order to reap the highest number of rewards.

Get Advice from a Physical Therapist

If you truly want to benefit from a home exercise program for beating the winter blues, your planning should start with direct advice from a physical therapist. These professionals specialize in assisting patients with pain reduction, mobility, and teaching patients how to experience long-term health benefits through physical activity. In fact, before starting your home exercise program, it is beneficial to meet with a physical therapist for – at least – a few sessions in order to learn various movements and exercises. The therapist will teach you the correct exercises for your body type and individual needs and will teach you the correct way to perform the exercises.


As you can see, there are several unique steps that must be performed when planning a home exercise program for winter in order to combat the symptoms of seasonal affective disorder. First, develop an understanding of how exercise can assist you, mentally. Then, determine which exercises are best for depression. Finally, meet with a physical therapist for exercise ideas and instruction on how to properly perform the exercises. If you complete these 3 simple steps, by the time that winter is in full-swing, you will feel your best! For more information, visit us today at: https://backtomotion.net/contact-a-physical-therapist-in-denver-co/


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