Professional Physical Therapy is a Better Option than Surgery, According to Medical Professionals

If you suffer from a meniscal tear or osteoarthritis of the knee, you should be aware of the fact that professional physical therapy is often considered to be a better option than having surgery performed. Investigators from seven different universities and various types of orthopedic-based surgical centers in the United States studied a total of 351 patients that were 45 years old or older who had been diagnosed with a meniscal tear and even osteoarthritis in the knee. Many patients were scheduled for surgery, while others were scheduled for professional physical therapy. The patients who had the professional physical therapy improved in the area of knee functionality at the same rate or a better rate than those that received the surgical procedure. If you have any knee-related problems, you should consider opting for professional physical therapy instead of surgery. Not only is it a cheaper alternative, but, it is a safer alternative.

Based on the findings conducted by the investigators and the fact that the results did not change between the six month interval and the twelve month interval, it is advised that more medical professionals focus on a regimen that includes professional physical therapy, rather than encouraging patients to immediately go into surgery. The study should be used by those that specialize in orthopedic surgery, family care practice, internal medicine, and physical therapy to assist patients in determining the best treatment options for their needs. While surgery is considered to be an ideal option for those who suffer immensely from their knee complications, many complications may stem from the surgery itself. It is much safer to cope with the issues of the knee through physical therapy because the overall risks involved are much less than those associated with surgery.

One of the main reasons why so many patients and medical professionals lean more towards surgery to deal with knee issues is that most people want an instant fix to their problem. Professional physical therapy is a long-term activity that is designed to slowly repair the knee and help patients in coping with the pain that they experience as a result of the medical complications of the knee. Based on physical therapy research topics, the most common types of patients that opt for surgery are those that live an exceptionally active lifestyle, such as athletes. Despite the fact that surgery does result in instantaneous results, it is not considered to be the safest measure for building the knee. In fact, many individuals that have undergone knee surgery often complain that their issue became worse or that they experienced higher levels of discomfort as a result of the surgery. When reviewing physical therapy research topics, it is rarely discovered that physical therapy resulted in more problems after completion.

Professional physical therapy is a special type of treatment that many require when knee-related problems and other health issues make it difficult to move freely and complete day-to-day tasks. The exercises assist in optimizing movement, improving range of motion, and relieving pain that may be associated with such health problems. In addition to this, it helps in restoring your natural level of physical-based functioning and improves your fitness level. If you suffer from meniscal tear and/or osteoarthritis of the knee, you should always opt for professional physical therapy first, instead of surgery, to correct the issue and rebuild your body.

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