If you are seeking relief for back pain due to upper back muscle pain, it is important that you take the most appropriate measures this spring break to ensure that you do not cause any further back problems. It does not matter if you are in school, spring has officially spring – which means that it is time to enjoy a little outdoor time, basking in the rays of the sun, enjoying the cool waters of the swimming pool, and creating your own sand castle. The last thing that you want to do is spend your spring break in pain as a result of upper back muscle pain. One of the most productive measures that may be taken to ensure that you experience relief for back pain is to pack your bags in such a way that additional pressure is not placed on this sensitive region of your body. In this guide, you will learn that packing for spring break does not mean you have to “break” your back.

Eliminate Your Obsession for Stuff

As a nation, we are completely obsessed with stuff. Statistics derived from numerous studies indicate that we are carrying more and more in our purses, our backpacks, our computer bags, our briefcases, and our luggage. The result of this is increasing levels of upper back muscle pain. According to Scott Bautch, who serves as a spokesman for the organization known as the “American Chiropractic Association”, this is an epidemic. He states that back pain is number one as the main disabler of individuals that are 45 years old and younger in the country. In a world where people are consistently on the go, it is not uncommon for people to carry their computers, tablets, smartphones, makeup, additional clothing, beverages, food, books, keys, and excess change on a regular basis. When packing for a spring break adventure, the amount that is carried is dramatically increased, which has more people seeking relief for back pain on their spring break trip rather than enjoy the great outdoors and life, in general, like they originally desired.

Lighten and Distribute Your Load

True relief for back pack occurs before the upper back muscle pain starts. It must start with a commitment to lighten and distribute your load when packing for spring break. By following the easy steps below, you will not feel as if you are breaking your back during your spring break trip:

  • First, you should ensure that you choose the smallest-sized bags and luggage as possible. You must determine what it is that you truly need on your spring break vacation and choose a bag that will accommodate those items of necessity. If you choose a large bag or larger-sized luggage, you will, instinctively, feel the need to fill it with unnecessary items. As a result, your back and your health will suffer, tremendously.
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  • The next step to packing for spring break is to ensure that you opt for luggage and bags that aid in symmetry of the body. If you choose a bag or a luggage type that puts weight on only one side of the body, it will cause the spine to start to curve. When the curve starts, the upper back muscle pain also starts. Opt for those pieces that may be worn diagonally over the body, rather than pieces that may only be worn on one side of the body.
  • If you truly want relief from back pain this spring break, you should opt for a backpack, rather than luggage or a standard bag. These bags have dual straps that effectively distribute the weight of your belongings on your body, which provides immediate relief for back pain.


There are many ways that you may pack so that you do not feel as if you are breaking your back this spring break. In this guide, you have been provided with three basic tips that will dramatically reduce the possibility that you will suffer from upper back muscle pain. In addition to the steps outlined above, you should commit to carrying less than 10% of your total body weight, utilize luggage and bags that have wheels, and leave items that may be purchased for use on your trip – such as shampoos and laundry soap – at home. By following these measures, you will find that it is easy to experience relief from back pain while on your spring break vacation.

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