viperform-2You were previously introduced to the ViPerform athlete tracker that monitors the biomechanics of your body. We also informed you that we, here at Back to Motion Physical Therapy, are now approved to offer this amazing technology to you. If you are ready to improve running speed, strengthen your body, and experience amazing physical results that will blow you and your trainers away as a runner, you should continue reading to learn more about the secret wireless athlete tracker device that guarantees to optimize the speed in which you run and has the unique capability of helping your strengthen your body! Not only is this one of the best devices available for those that run on a regular basis, it works in combination with a physical therapy program that will have you performing at your absolute best!

Improve Running Speed AND Your Overall Health TODAY!

  • Learn how to successfully assess movements that are considered to be high risk with ease, accuracy, and hard data.
  • Learn how to read information about your movement and muscle activity through a small device known as a “RFD”, or “Recording and Feedback Device”.
  • Learn how to use the data retrieved from the RFD with your physical therapist in order to conduct in-clinic assessments and determine what types of movement retraining is required to improve your running speed and increase the strength of your body.
  • Learn about the analytic data associated with a variety of anatomical locations, such as your knees and hamstrings.
  • Learn how to work with your physical therapist to obtain long distance running tips and speed runner tips with the information obtained from the athlete tracker device, ViPerform.
  • Learn about the science associated with the runner’s biomechanics by utilizing ViPerform and working with your physical therapist.
  • Learn about the muscles that directly influence forward propulsion in a runner’s body.
  • Learn how to test the weakness and/or strength of various muscles throughout the body.
  • Learn the secrets to gaining an immense amount of strength without mass accumulation so that you may improve the power that you possess to your unique weight ratio.
  • Learn about the basic principles of the Plyometric training process through your physical therapist while using the ViPerform athlete tracker.
  • Learn how to develop a strength program that is specifically designed for your body and your unique musculoskeletal system.
  • Learn comprehensive information about “Mass Specific Force” and how it has the potential to, literally, TRANSFORM the strength training process.

Our Offer
If you are tired of struggling with your running performance and are ready to really UP YOUR GAME, it is time to set up a consultation with us here at Back to Motion Physical Therapy. Not only are our clinicians standing by to help you become the absolute best runner and strongest person possible, you will learn a wide array of interesting points about your body and how it works! If you are ready to use the ViPerform athlete tracker to improve your performance, check out or program options.



Now, You Can Use ViPerform Right Here at Back To Motion

10% Discount on all packages Until March 16, 2016

Bronze $100

Collect data and video

Silver $150

Collect data and video analysis

Gold $200

Collect data and video analysis

One on One session

Platinum $250

Collect data and video analysis

One on One Session

Follow up analysis

Diamond – $300

Collect data and video Analysis

Two one on one sessions

Follow up analysis

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