Shoes or no shoes? That is the question

I have the great joy of treating many runners. Their abilities go from beginning to very accomplished runners. The most frequent question I get is; what do you think about barefoot running? Well I have a lot of thoughts about barefoot running so without ranting.

Like any new treatment or trend it’s not for everyone. Many of the hard core barefoot runners claim it’s the best thing since sliced bread. The truth is there is no research that supports the claims of less injuries and increased efficiency. So my best advice is buyer beware.

Some people’s foot mechanics will allow them to run barefoot or in a minimalist shoe with very few problems. Other people’s foot mechanics will make the transition difficult if not impossible. How do you know if your mechanics would make running barefoot a good option? Any decent physical therapist should be able to evaluate your foot mechanics and tell you if your foot is rigid or flexible. A rigid foot is a good partner for having success with barefoot running.

Call us at Back to Motion Physical Therapy and any one of our great staff can help you make an informed decision about barefoot running.

Patty Pennell PT

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