The Brain Training Solution for Fitness


SMARTfit® Pricing

Get your SMARTfit Plan for only $200

The package will include 4 weeks of two 15 minute sessions on the SMARTfit® plus a 15 minute consultation with a Physical Therapist to help determine a customized plan.

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SMARTfit® Mini

For use in focused training with a physical therapist and a customized program plan.

Combined cognitive and motor skills training is known to significantly speed up neurogenesis and neuroplasticity, providing benefits to rehab, sports training, learning and dementia prevention.


SMARTfit® Strike Pods

Smart Fit Strike Pods

Re-establish the connection between the brain and body.

SMARTfit is the ideal training solution for workouts that focus on cognitive and motor training.

SMARTfit programming provides you with the tools to focus on training your brain to function efficiently while concurrently placing a cardio, strength, motor, and skill demand on your body.

Work with your physical therapist to find the program that excels your growth for optimal results.


The Perfect Answer to Any Boomer/Senior Fitness Program

  • Improve Balance and Stability
  • Improve Mobility and Motor Skills
  • Improves Memory and Cognitive Problem Solving Skills
  • Enjoy Social Interaction and Team Play
  • Complements All Active-aging and Wellness Programs


Speed, Reaction and Cognitive Training Programs for Sports

  • Developed with the Competitive Athlete in Mind
  • Progressive Ability Programming
  • Track Results – Scored Performance Over Time, Impact Accuracy
  • Trains Athletes for Peak Performance Throughout the Game
  • Develop Vital Underlying Reaction and Motor Skills for your Sport


Cognitive Motor Training for Use in Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy

  • Improve patient outcomes with motivating and targeted dual-task training programs
  • Measure patient progress with precise tracking and objective reporting complete with data visualization
  • Customizable and “done-for-you” exercise programs for a variety of patient populations and needs
  • Setups available for one-on-one or group appointment types
  • Increase retention and referrals with a novel and engaging experiences
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