Approximately 30% of all individuals over the age of 65 experience a fall. In fact, falls are currently considered to be the main cause of non-fatal injuries, admissions to hospitals, and even death in those that are 65 or older. While falls are becoming increasingly prevalent among the elderly, there is now hope. It is the technologically advanced SMARTfit™ system. In this guide, you will learn how this device helps in fall prevention and vestibular rehab.

Senior woman engaging in smartfit rehab

What is SMARTfit™?

The SMARTfit™ system is a highly-advanced device that incorporates the use of specialized, customizable programming that is designed to train both the brain and the body.

It focuses on the development of strength, improving cognitive functioning and mental capacity, and increasing the effectiveness of the fine and gross motor skills.

It is a technological advancement that is already improving the lives of millions. For aging populations, this machine is an ideal option in terms of vestibular therapy and fall prevention.

Why are the Elderly More Susceptible to Falls?

Every 11 seconds, an elderly person receives emergency treatment for a fall. Every 19 minutes, an elderly person passes away as a result of a fall.

Why is this age group seemingly more susceptible to falling?

Most medical professionals conclude that the natural process of aging enhances the risk for a fall. As we age, our bodies start to experience changes. These changes put those over 65 years old at a 25% higher chance of suffering from a fall.

Once a fall is experienced, the percentage increases to 50%. Falls are the leading cause of both loss of physical ability and independence. The following outlines the most common situations that put the elderly at risk for falling:

  1. Reduced Strength – At the age of 30, we start to suffer from muscle loss. This continues to occur as we age. By the age of 65, we have significant less muscle mass. As a result, our bones become weaker. Together, these issues result in less strength.
  2. Balance Complications – Throughout our life, many components of the body work in conjunction with one another in order to ensure that we stay balanced when moving. As we age, this process declines. That, combined with other health complications and the side effects of medications may result in serious balance complications. In turn, this results in falls.
  3. Flexibility Problems – As we age, our ankles and our hips become less flexible. This results in stiffness and discomfort that may play a role in reducing our ability to engage in day-to-day activities that may result in falls.
  4. Eyesight Issues – As we get older, we are likely to experience issues with our vision. This helps in ensuring we stay balanced and are able to see any obstacles that may present themselves.
  5. Low Endurance – It is common for us to experience issues in endurance as we get older. Walking or simply standing may take a lot out of this. The resulting fatigue and low energy may result in falls.

How Can SMARTfit™ at Back to Motion Help?

Perhaps, you simply want to practice fall prevention techniques or you are curious about vestibular rehab. The SMARTfit™ system at Back to Motion can assist you in numerous ways. The following outlines the benefits of following a customized SMARTfit™ regimen:

  • First, it will help in promoting corrections to your posture and help you have better control over your posture.
  • Next, it aids in increasing proprioceptive skills and optimizes your balance as a result of that.
  • Your functional-based mobility will be improved – almost instantly.
  • The training device helps to optimize your vestibular fitness.
  • The SMARTfit™ unit works to increase the overall strength of your body; therefore, it also improves your general level of endurance.
  • The system is an excellent complimentary service to those that are part of an active aging and/or a general wellness program.

Let Us Help

If you or a loved one is experiencing symptoms associated with the natural aging process and it is impacting your strength and your balance, it is time for SMARTfit™ technology.

It does not matter if you simply want to avoid falls, need vestibular rehab, or simply want to improve your mental and physical health – it is possible here at Back to Motion.

Simply contact us today to find out how you can be a better version of you for all of your tomorrows.

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