The SMARTfit™ is a highly-advanced, technological workout machine that integrates specialized programming to train the brain and the body by building strength, optimizing motor skills, and enhancing cognitive functioning. By utilizing this revolutionary machine today, you will improve all areas of your being for the rest of your tomorrows!

smartfit-miniWhat is SMARTfit™?

SMARTfit™ is a collaboration of products that utilize functional training and brain training software programs to optimize both the body and the mind. It is powered by an APP that is Android/IOS based to activate targets that are considered to be “intelligent” in order to move participants through movements that are designed to coordinate the motor, the cognitive, and the functional movements that must be engaged.

According to research, this advanced system optimizes neuroplasticity and neurogenesis. The programs that are included in the system as gamification; that is, fun, interactive, and highly appealing to users.

Physical Activity and Brain Training

For years, scientists, researchers, and doctors have established that there is a direct link between physical activity and improving the brain. In turn, this has a positive result on other aspects of a person’s health. Studies have indicated that the way to get the most results from exercise and cognitive enhancement is to stimulate both the brain and the physiological aspects of the body in a simultaneous manner.

SMARTfit™ is designed to stimulate the nervous system in many different ways, through the utilization of sensory inputs. As a result, this program offered through SMARTfit™ and all of the components of the tool has been found to be exceptionally beneficial for sports training, rehabilitation for those that have suffered from a concussion, rehabilitation for balance, as well as the general optimization of brain fitness.


SMARTfit™ for Sports Training

If you are an athlete, you will be amazed with the benefits and rewards associated with the SMARTfit™ system. This unit will determine your level and then will challenge you in order to improve your overall performance. It focuses on several different areas. You will find – after SMARTfit™ training – that your speed is increased, you react more quickly, your overall accuracy improves, you are able to gain strength, your coordination is improved, and that your core becomes stronger and experiences a higher level of stability. In addition to this, you will experience the following:

  • You will find that you are able to process information at much faster rates
  • Your concentration levels will improve dramatically
  • You will find that your technique and your strategies in your chosen sport improve

SMARTfit™ for Concussion Rehab

In years past, rest was considered to be the ideal recovery method for concussions. This is no longer the case. According to doctors, physical therapists, and other types of medical professionals improving the blood flow is the key to recovering quickly from a concussion. Furthermore, because the issue most often stems from complications within the neck and upper back region, it is necessary to manipulate these areas to overcome the common symptoms of headache, balance issues, and vision problems.

The SMARTfit™ system is designed to activate all areas of the body to ensure a rapid recovery of concussion. Whether received as a result of an accident, a fall, or playing your favorite sport, you will be thrilled with the results experienced when conducting concussion rehab with the SMARTfit™ system.

Balance Rehab

SMARTfit™ for Balance Rehab

Do you suffer from a balance issue? If so, you need to work out both the body and the mind to experience the best results in overcoming that issue. When working with the SMARTfit™ system, you will undergo a rehabilitation program that enhances the visual processing and auditory processing of your body.

The motor integration will provide vestibular input and optimization. You will find that you fall less due to the overall enhancement of the sensory processing skills and perceptual motor skills that are increased during the workout of your brain and your body.

Postural control, becoming aware of your body’s overall positioning, and being able to regain control of your movements are just a small glimpse of the many rewards that you will experience while performing this type of rehabilitation.

SMARTfit™ for Brain Fitness

The SMARTfit™ system provides advanced-level neuro-cognitive training to optimize the overall fitness level of your brain. In a world where dementia, Alzheimer’s, and other cognitive-based impairment disorders are becoming increasingly prevalent, it is essential to work out and train the brain.

Bypass the word puzzles, the adult coloring books, and all of the other “recommended strategies” for keeping the brain strong, and opt for SMARTfit™ technology to lead you to a stronger, smarter, and healthier brain. The following outlines just a few of the many advantages that this machine and the associated programs have to offer you:

  1. You will find that you are able to enhance the general span or area of your visual processing
  2. You will have the opportunity to either train or to retrain (depending on your needs) your field of vision
  3. Your attention span will become more focused and you will find that you are better able to concentrate on those things that are most important to you
  4. You will instantly observe improved retention and recall of information – both in your short-term memory and your long-term memory
  5. You will find that it is much easier to make sound decisions and truly think through all optimal outcomes
  6. You will find that it is easy to solve problems as the SMARTfit™ system improves your critical thinking skills
  7. Your eye-hand coordination and your bilateral coordination will improve
  8. As your brain becomes stronger and healthier, your entire body will become stronger and healthier

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