Stretching-Tips-for-CyclistsThere are many positive and productive stretching tips for cyclists. Not only do these stretching exercises assist in warming up the body for your ride, but they also assist in preventing injuries from occurring. The main stretches focus on strengthening and working the lower body. In order to learn the proper form for stretching as a cyclist, it is important to reach out to a professional for assistance. In most instances, the best type of professional is the individual that specializes in physical therapy. In this brief guide, you will learn a few different exercises that focus on key areas of the body that will allow you to perform better as a cyclist and reduce the possibility of becoming injured while working out.

Neck and Shoulder Region
When doing stretching for cyclists, you should start with the neck and shoulder region. Believe it or not, you use these areas a lot more than you probably know when riding your bike. In order to stretch these regions of the body out, simply stand and gently roll your head in a circular motion, several different times. Once you have done this in one direction for a bit, switch directions and rotate in the same manner. For the shoulders, simply shrug them up and down – ensuring that you hold them up for up to five seconds. Repeat these stretches several times.

The Trunk

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Now that you have stretched your neck and shoulders, it is time to stretch out the trunk of your body. The muscles within the abdomen and the back are, ultimately, the support system for your legs as you engage in the activity of pedaling. You should perform crunches, back extensions, back twists, and toe grabs in order to stretch these areas out sufficiently.

The Calves
The next areas of the body that you should stretch as a cyclist are the calves. Of course, these are the parts of the body that are under the highest amount of pressure when riding a bike. In order to stretch the calves, just stand with your feet so that they are pointed in a straight fashion. Then, step forward with one leg at a time and bend your knee. Then, do the same step with the opposite leg. You should hold this for about 15 seconds for each leg.

There are several stretching tips for cyclists. In this guide, you have learned simple stretches for each of the main regions of the body that are worked out when riding a bike. It is best to perform these stretches both before and after riding a bike. These activities will warm up your body and will help your body relax after a ride. Furthermore, the exercises will assist in reducing injuries in the body. By performing these stretches, you will reap the highest level of benefits from your bike riding activities. If you would like more assistance in stretching or more stretching tips for cyclists, contact Back to Motion Physical Therapy today at: 303-832-5577

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