The Benefits of Tai Chi for Arthritis Sufferers and Those at Risk for Falls

tai chi for arthritisUtilizing Tai Chi for arthritis is super effective. It’s a highly enjoyable and extremely easy exercise that provides numerous benefits to arthritis sufferers and those that are at a high risk for falls.

Tai Chi is adored because it aids in relieving pain, but, it also improves your range of motion, optimizes your mobility, and drastically improves your health.

According to studies conducted by Harvard University, Tai Chi is also highly beneficial in improving balance. This form of exercise is often referred to as “meditation in motion”; however, many medical professionals – including physical therapists – are now referring to Tai Chi as “medication in motion”.

This exercise – which works both the mind and the body – originated within China as a type of martial art. In this brief guide, you will learn how Tai Chi will benefit those that suffer from arthritis and are considered to be a fall risk.

Tai Chi – At a Glance

As mentioned previously, Tai Chi originated in China as a type of martial art. It is a slow-motion type of exercise that is considered to be low-impact. When performing this exercise, you will go through movements that are performed in series, after animal-based actions. A common example of these series include those that pertain – directly – to a white crane.

Your instructor may state, “…. the crane spreads its massive wings….” And you will then move your arms in the movements that are similar to a white crane spreading its massive wings. As the various movements are performed, you will breathe in a deep and natural manner, while focusing on the sensations that are occurring within the body. The movements performed are typically circular in motion.

The muscles of the body are completely relaxed. The joints are not placed under extreme distress and the connective tissues within the body are not stretched. It does not matter if you are recovering from surgery, experience complications with movements, or are bound to a wheelchair or other type of mobility device, Tai Chi is exceptionally easy to perform.

Health-Related Advantages

Numerous studies have confirmed that there are many health-related advantages to performing Tai Chi – especially as it relates to arthritis and those at risk for falls. According to a survey by The National Institute of Health, approximately 2.3 million Americans practice this form of exercise to reap the following health-related rewards:

  • Tai Chi aids in improving the strength of the muscles, optimizes flexibility, and aids in improved coordination.
  • Tai Chi improves balance and reduces the risk for falls.
  • Tai Chi helps patients overcome pain, discomfort, and stiffness in the body.

Tai Chi for Arthritis and Fall Reduction

As stated previously, Tai Chi originated as a form of martial arts. Today, many medical professionals that promote its use have utilized Tai Chi to create a less-strenuous form of exercise that may be practiced in the standing position, the sitting position, and by people who have issues with movements – regardless of health and age.

The exercises that are incorporated into the program are designed to improve the muscular-based strength of the body, improve flexibility, and help with physical functions.

If you are interested in overcoming the complications of arthritis or would like to improve your balance, Back to Motion Physical Therapy can help.

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