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“In 2015 I won 5 age-group World Championships in Triathlon and Duathlon, including the Ironman in Kona HI. At age 57, I’ve experienced some knee injuries in recent years. But thanks to the AlterG and Back to Motion, I’ve been able to keep up my training so I could be ready to compete at the highest levels. Thank you to Back To Motion and the Alter G. I couldn’t have done it without you! ~ Ellen Hart


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Back To Motion Physical Therapy Denver Testimonials

98% of patients would refer friends and family to us.

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Back To Motion Handwritten Testimonial
Back To Motion Handwritten Testimonial

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Committed to finding solutions to one’s physical ailments. Multitude of treatment options. Friendly and professional staff.
I received excellent treatment from a highly competent therapist and was very pleased with my therapist. Walter, Denver
I specifically wanted treatment done by Dr. Lorienne Fisher. I give positive recommendations to people at work and have posted the business cards throughout my workplace. Melanie, Arvada
Overall experience is great from the initial greeting when I walked in the door until I left. The therapists are professional, knowledgeable and really listen to their clients.
I use the Alter-G treadmill on a regular basis. It is well maintained and works just as it should. Angie is always helpful, friendly and professional. Patti and the other therapists are also friendly, professional, and helpful. I have nothing but good to say about Back to Motion.
Dr. Lorraine Fisher, is the EPITOME of a great physical therapist! Monique, Denver
I was seen on short notice and given a dry needling treatment. I feel i was treated well and the treatment did help alleviate some of my severe pain the next day. Todd, Lakewood
Back to Motion always has great customer service, and they help you every step of the way with recovery. I’ve had substantial improvement in my knee since coming, and would recommend anyone to this facility. They are also very well priced, which helped quite a bit. Rachel, Arvada
The care and treatment I receive at Back to Motion is superlative. Lorienne, Patty, and Angie are always very friendly and thorough. My appointments with Lorienne begin on time. Especially, Lorienne’s treatment for my recurring condition (compressed spine and pinched nerves) has quickly been very effective, and when we approach the maximum gain from the treatment we appropriately decrease the frequency of sessions until we discontinue. She does not draw the therapy out beyond its effective use. I have found my entire experience at Back to Motion extremely fulfilling. Doug S, Denver
I have cervical stenosis that impacts the nerves coming out of my neck. Dr. Lorienne Fisher is amazingly good at finding the correct procedures to alleviate the pain and promote healing. I feel so blessed to have been referred to her. They also have very flexible hours so that it’s easy to find a time that works for me without interrupting my work schedule. I have been to Physical Therapy in the past and have been to some very good therapists, but none better than Dr. Fisher. Allen B, Morrison
I needed physical therapy and didn’t want to take the time out of a busy schedule. With once a week at 8am I could manage it. I was given exercises that I could do at work, at my desk. This was an easy way to rehab a very stiff wrist. I’ve been working on it for three weeks and almost have my full range of motion back. Just knowing the proper exercises made a huge difference. I’d recommend Patty to anyone needing PT and hesitant to take the time to get it. Joyce R, Denver
I attended Back to Motion as an evening event and was incredibly impressed with their professionalism. I would recommend it to anyone looking for an up-beat physical therapy program. Connie C, Littleton
Great staff and therapists. They have helped reduce the pain in my plantar fasciitis and have found the source of the issue. The exercises that have been recommended to me have assisted in my reducing my pain and allowing me to enjoy activities again. Zalah, Denver
I like the Alter-G too!! Melanie R, Arvada
Thanks to Back to Motion for getting me in on such a short notice. I’m feeling much better today.
Thank you! With your help I am able to get back to my normal activity, pain free. Heather S, Denver
Amazing and competent therapists. I appreciate the intentionality and ongoing support in helping me managing my persistent back pain. It has gotten better over the years because of my treatment at Back to Motion. Kelli P, Denver
The people at Back to Motion are caring and understanding and helpful in aiding in my recovery from a total knee replacement. Thanks for all the help! Katrina S, Denver
Back to Motion provides great and realistic physical therapy. Will get you back to doing your normal activities.
The team at Back to Motion has done a great job of helping me recover fully from my recent hip replacement. I would recommend them very highly. John C, Denver
I found Back to Motion while looking for a local group with the Alter-G treadmill. My hope is that this equipment will help me exercise more effectively than I can on my own at my full weight.The staff has supported me and is as much concerned about my success as am I. They take a personal interest in each patient and work with us to achieve the highest level of improvement possible. Patti, Denver
Great people, to get you, back in motion!!! David J, Brighton
Very helpful and attentive! I understand what’s going on with my body and how I can work at home to keep healing.
Patty was thorough, yet careful not to overdo my rotator cuff/bicep therapy. She helped me work thru the difficult times (and there were many of those) and helped me with a good rate of progression in strength as well as more flexibility. I would highly recommend her to anything looking for an excellent PT. She kept my Doctor informed of my progress or things that needed to be addressed prior to and following surgery.
Strictly first class. Gerald M, Denver
Loriene Fisher and Back to Motion are terrific. John L, Denver
Patty really knows the body and got the nerve and muscle issues in my neck under control. Now I’m back to exercising and enjoying life.
I have a history of chronic headaches, jaw and neck pain and I had two-three sessions and felt significantly better.
I cannot say enough about Patty P. Thank you for taking the time to get to know your patients in order to get them back to motion. Heather S, Denver
My experience at Back to Motion was wonderful! My therapist was Patty. She was professional, thorough, unhurried and caring. I went there for intense, long standing jaw pain and left with exercises and a plan that keep my symptoms under control. Staff is great, took care of all billing .I highly recommend Back to Motion. Carol S, Englewood
They keep me out of pain and get me back to health quicker than anything I would have thought. I will continue to go back as needed with any injuries I sustain with the different sports I do. lanil, Denver
I called Lorienne’s previous employer, not knowing she had moved on, and declined the appointment offered there. She is the best physical therapist I’ve had for my various orthopaedic issues and I wouldn’t go to anyone else!! Melanie
Tell Patty that when they x-rayed my foot they found that the break has not healed,I’M TO SEE AN ORTHO-POD Will let you know the progress. Jennifer
With the injury I have to my shoulder the therapy I receive is much less than the time I hurt myself. David, Brighton
After 3 other PT clinics, studios, offices, groups, I feel very fortunate to have found BTM ! The Alter G treadmill brought me to Patty and her practice. Angie is so helpful and friendly — I love the place! So far so good! Catherine, Denver
Wonderful discovery for me. It provides me with a chance to walk fast without pain. Lucy, Denver
I go to Back to Motion to use the Alter G treadmill……best invention since the microwave. Angie is always so very kind and cleans the treadmill with disinfectant wipes each time before I get on. Since I have leukemia and have to avoid germs, this needs to be done and I surely appreciate her doing it without me ever asking. Angie is also the one who gets you hooked up into the treadmill gear and gets you out. She is a very positive asset to Back to Motion!! Fern, Denver
I hope I don’t need to have more physical therapy, but if I do, this is the place I will always come. Patty is pretty amazing. I am so emotionally comfortable there, which makes the pt work easier for me. I highly recommend Patty at Back To Motion. Jane, Denver
Thanks for making me better again!!! Tracy, Denver
Each visit is learning experience about recovery – how limbs should work. I always find encouragement and support. Barbara, Littleton
WOW. The best physical therapy practice in Colorado has done it again. I heard about their anti-gravity treadmill, but the three experiences I have had even exceeded my expectations, and believe me I have seen Back to Motion work miracles for many years. Now, after seven years post-op, I can finally do an actual workout on a treadmill. The machine lifts the gravity off! I was able to walk for 52 painless minutes, and I was sweating. I had no pain afterwards and cannot wait to get back on it on Wednesday. Thank you, Patty, and Karen, and Angie, for helping me perform on this heavenly machine. I have hope that I will be able to transfer the strength from the workouts into actual walking after a few weeks. NOBODY gets it like Back to Motion. Thank you. Kathy, Denver
I have been working with Lorienne for a few months now and I have seen huge improvements. Their facility is clean, quiet, and I love how helpful the staff are. Great place.
I cannot say enough about Patty P.’s knowledge and spot on analysis of the situation. Heather, Denver
The Staff are well trained and are very Professional….They do a great job of helping mend the damaged limbs so you can return to normal again…. Sam, Denver
The people here are wonderful and the equipment offered is up to date! I’m so glad I picked this clinic for my PT/rehab. I also love the text and email reminders. Keeps me from forgetting my appointments!
I have been coming to the BTMPT for almost four years, I find the whole system to be very supportive of my needs. The care is consistent and of a high quality. Sometimes it is a little difficult scheduling appointments due to high volume of requests for service
Highly recommend Patty. She listens and works the issues. I leave feeling better than when I arrive. The staff is courteous and friendly. Very happy BTM was recommended. Ed, Denver
Patty knows her stuff. She diagnosis accurately and provides the treatment to get me back on the road. Joan, Littleton
I have been treated by Back to Motion for two aliments: a big toe and lower back pain. In both cases, I have been helped immensely and have been so impressed with the knowledge of the staff, the quality and care of my treatments. The facility is very clean and appointments are punctual. The best part of my treatments at Back to Motion is that I FEEL BETTER and with the ongoing exercises I have received I feel I have control and an understanding of my pain!
Always fun to walk in the door at BTM! The entire staff provide a welcoming, engaging and highly professional setting. The most important point is that if you have an injury you get better and stay better quickly! Thank you. Suzanne, Denver
I like the idea of first trying one exercise to see if it works then adding more gradually. Nancy, Denver
Great clinic! Patty and Lorienne are both very hands on with their treatment. This is the first time I’ve had dry needling and it’s really helping. Joanne, Denver
The doctors here are wonderful! Would definitely recommend to my friends and family.
Patty always works wonders for me. She listens well and gets right to the issue at hand. There were times last year when I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to keep running, so thank you for all of your help and guidance. I am a much happier person these days!. And I am happy to pass your name along any chance I get.
I received high quality care with easy to follow instructions for my home exercises. My condition improved steadily and today I am pain free and I received a plan to follow at home to insure that I stay that way. Christopher, Denver, CO
The first time my therapist touched my foot I could tell she knew exactly what she was doing. The one-on-one patient contact and the consistency of one therapist for one diagnosis is wonderful. Also, the private rooms are most conducive for healing and communicating between the patient and therapist. Back to Motion is far superior to other physiotherapy clinics. – Kearin O’Hara, Denver, CO
I have inner ear nerve damage in my right ear. Any type of movement would make me so sick. Within one week of my therapy with Lorienne I am able to function again, I planted flowers last night and no nausea! “Hurray for Back to Motion”. Donna K., Littleton, CO
Lorienne has really helped me with my hip pain – the therapy and exercises are assisting me get “Back to Motion”. – Becki, Broomfield, CO
Thanks to physical therapy with Lorienne I walked 18 holes of golf yesterday. This is only 5 months after my knee replacement. – Rosanne, Denver, CO
Lorienne cured my vertigo after one treatment; a “Miracle worker as far as I am concerned!” And my golf game is better thanks to Carrie’s Pilates. – Sarah, Denver, CO
“I want to thank you all for your help with my back. This is the first time I can remember in many, many years that my back does not hurt or ache or bother me. I am physically working as I should be, and I feel really good. Thanks again.” Dale C., Brighton, CO
Patty was “always encouraging and made me WANT to do even better than (I) expected. Lots of positive reinforcement, good exercises, and manipulation combined to make this climb back a positive experience. – Nancy Noyes, Denver, CO
“Thanks Patty! I’m totally healed and on the treadmill running/walking an hour a day! You’re Magic!” – Laura, Denver, CO
Patty, You must be the very first one I tell this to: I just played two and half hours of soccer for the first time in 5 yrs. Played without pain for the first time in 14 yrs. I don’t know how to thank you. I am almost in tears!! – Sue W., Denver, CO
“Karen has really helped to relieve the back pain that has hindered me from standing up straight. I would highly recommend Karen and the team at Back to Motion”.Lola Denver, CO
“Karen and Patty work miracles!” They “took turns working on me, giving me exercises and manipulating my vertebrae. In no time the pain was gone. The time I spent in physical therapy was good for my body and mind. They were such fun to be with, always treating me professionally, but not being stuffy. I will truly miss seeing them on a regular basis but they do such good work I am no longer in need of their services.” – John Denver, CO
I want to thank you for always giving me such a ‘warm welcome’ when I walked through the door throughout my 7 months of PT. I enjoyed chatting with you; if I was having a bad day you somehow seemed to cheer me up! Thank you for your kindness and patience when I needed to reschedule – multiple times. “You do a great job at Back to Motion and I appreciate all you did for me.” – Julie R, Denver, CO
After working with the knowledgeable staff my neck pain and headaches have decreased significantly. I highly recommend Back to Motion to anyone in need of physical therapy. – Vickie, Denver, CO
I appreciated the care I was given each and every time I visited; I could tell they truly cared how I was progressing. They are true professionals and extremely knowledgeable. They educated in the best way to take care of my body. – Nancy, Denver, CO
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