7 minute workout-jumping-jacksAt Back to Motion Physical Therapy, we recently outlined the ever-popular 7 Minute Workout. We firmly believe that it is important to provide information to our clients and our followers on various techniques to stay fit. We know and understand how challenging it is to determine which types of exercises should be included in a fitness routine. While there are numerous techniques to optimize your strength and increase your fitness level, many are overwhelmed by the choices and are limited in the amount of time that they have to dedicate to their workout. This is why the 7 Minute Workout was developed. Not only does it outline the absolute best exercises for getting in shape, the exercises are simple. Best of all, it only takes 7 minutes to achieve your fitness goals. This is the first installment of our series. Here, you will learn the health benefits associated with jumping jacks.

What are Jumping Jacks?
Jumping jacks are a special type of jump that is performed from the standing position. The legs are placed together and the arms are placed at the side of the body. When the jump occurs, the legs are spread apart and the arms are quickly moved to the area above the head. Once these movements have been performed, it should be reversed immediately so that you are back to the starting position. The overall intensity of the exercise may be increased by simply jumping faster. According to physical therapists and other professionals, this is considered to be one of the most effective and easiest exercises. In fact, jumping jacks may be performed by people in their toddler years to their senior years. Not only are jumping jacks used in the 7 Minute Workout to optimize fitness, but, they are a wonderful way to warm up the body for the rest of the exercises that are part of the 7 Minute Workout (which we will cover in future installments of this series).

Purpose and Intent of Jumping Jacks
The purpose and intent of jumping jacks is to perform work on the quadriceps. According to physical therapists and other types of fitness professionals, jumping jacks are an excellent method to exercising and firming up the calves, the glutes, and even the hamstrings. Additionally, if you slightly bend the arms while you raise them over the head, the biceps and the triceps will be engaged. When you feel these regions becoming engaged, you should attempt to squeeze them in order to experience the optimal health benefits of jumping jacks.

The Health Benefits
There are many health benefits associated with the performance of jumping jacks. As mentioned previously, these exercises specifically target certain muscle groups in the body. In addition to increasing the strength and functioning of these muscles in the body, jumping jacks are also considered to be highly effective for strengthening the body and optimizing the cardiovascular health. Below, we have outlined the many health benefits associated with jumping jacks:

  1. Jumping jacks are highly beneficial to the overall health of the heart. It has been found that this exercise aids in combatting serious health problems like cardiovascular-based diseases, obesity, and diabetes. The heart rate is increased while performing jumping jacks, which increases the amount of blood and oxygen that reaches the muscles.
  2. Jumping jacks aids in improving the stamina of the body and its overall endurance level. These simple exercises will improve the overall flexibility of the body; therefore, improving circulation and mobility.
  3. When performing jumping jacks, you are exercising against the force of gravity. As you perform each jumping jack, the muscles actually pull at the bones of the body. This, in turn, strengthens the bones and increases their density. As a result, the chance of developing osteoporosis is drastically reduced.
  4. Jumping jacks burn calories and fat. This will aid in combatting against obesity and obesity-related health complications.
  5. Jumping jacks have the ability to increase your metabolic rate. Not only does a high metabolism aid in burning unhealthy fat from the body, but, it aids in toning and sculpting your body so that you are able to look your absolute best!

Jumping Jacks and the 7 Minute Workout
The 7 Minute Workout allows you to exercise all components of your body in a quick and easy manner. The very first exercises performed in this workout program are jumping jacks. Throughout the years, we have consistently been told to workout in 30 minute and 45 minute sessions: however, the American College of Sports Medicine recently conducted a study that indicated that a workout of only 7 minutes is more than enough to strengthen the body if performed in intervals of high-intensity of 30 seconds and a break of 10 seconds. If you are ready to get started on the 7 Minute Workout now that you know the health benefits of jumping jacks, simply click on the following link to access the full workout: https://backtomotion.net/7-minute-work-out/


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