The 7 Minute Workout continues to be viewed upon by physical therapists, doctors, and fitness experts as a highly productive, revolutionary exercise regimen that is beneficial to the health in numerous ways. Over the course of the past 9 weeks, you have been provided comprehensive details about the exercises that are part of this workout. This week, we will cover lunges. Not only will you learn how to perform lunges, but, you will also learn about the many benefits that you will experience by performing lunges. If you are seeking to start out the New Year right and have resolutions pertaining to your health, we highly recommend that you continue reading to find out how.

What Are Lunges?

Lunges are a special type of quintessential exercise that may be performed in just about any location. It is important that you ensure that you perform these exercises correctly so that undue strain is not placed on the joints. First, you must make certain that your upper body is kept straight. The shoulders should be pushed back and the chin must be up. Once your body is in the proper position, you should take a step forward, with one leg. The hips should be lowered so that both of the knees are bent in a 90 degree angle. The front knee should always be placed above the ankle and the remaining knee should not touch the surface upon which you are standing. The weight of your body should be placed on your heels as you push back up into the position in which you started.

The Purpose and Intent of Lunges

The purpose and intent of lunges in the 7 Minute Workout is to work the legs in much the same way that squats work your legs. Stress is placed on different muscles. More specifically, lunges target the glutes and the quadriceps of the body in an intense fashion. Lunges also target the core of the body, the hamstrings, and the calves.

The Health Benefits

To date, numerous health benefits have been associated with lunges. The following outlines these benefits:

  1. Lunges have been found to be highly effective in improving the balance of the body.
  2. Those that perform these exercises are better able to perform natural, daily movements.
  3. Lunges aid in evening out imbalances in strength and muscles within the body.
  4. Lunges optimize the flexibility of the hip flexor muscles.
  5. Lunges result in an improvement in the activation of the gluteal muscles.
  6. These exercises help to optimize the stability and strength of your core.
  7. Lunges help to take pressure off of the spine so that it may rest and/or recover from other exercises, training, and/or everyday use.

Lunges and the 7 Minute Workout

Lunges are a critical component to the 7 Minute Workout. These exercises help to exercise all areas of the body, without placing an undue amount of pressure and/or strain on the spine and the joints of the body. Most individuals that perform lunges find that they feel the effectiveness of the exercise almost immediately. If, at first, you experience difficulty with the proper form for performing lunges, you may want to consider integrating the use of a spotter in your workout sessions. To view the 7 Minute Workout in its entirety, click HERE.

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