Health Benefits of Push-UpsIn the past couple of weeks, we here at Back to Motion Physical Therapy have provided you with comprehensive information on the 7 Minute Workout and the health benefits of the first two exercises in the workout, jumping jacks and wall squats. In Part 3 of our series, “The 7 Minute Workout: Health Benefits of _______”, we will be providing you with the advantages of performing push-ups, which is the third exercise of this extremely popular workout for those seeking to optimize their health. The 7 Minute Workout is a specially-designed exercise regimen that is designed to work the entire body in a short amount of time. It was designed for those that have limited time and those that lack the desire or physical capability to engage in long, strenuous workouts. Now that you understand this highly advantageous workout regimen, let’s expound on the health benefits associated with performing push-ups.

What are Push-Ups?
A push-up is a very common exercise that is designed to optimize the strength of the body. It is performed in a prone-based position in which you lie in a horizontal, face-down position. Then, the body is raised and lowered by utilizing the arms. This is a very popular exercise that is commonly used in physical education programs, athletic training programs, law-enforcement training programs, and military programs.

The Purpose and Intent of Push-Ups
This exercise will aid in strengthening and developing the triceps and the pectoral muscles. Additionally, it provides numerous benefits to the deltoids, the midsection of the body, and surrounding muscles. In all actuality, physical therapists and other fitness professionals refer to push-ups as entire-body exercises. This is because it has been established that every single muscle that a person possesses has a direct role in aiding in completing push-ups. Many muscles will work to stabilize the pushing muscles and others will need to stay tight so that the hips do not sag or go too high. Push-ups encourage the muscles to work together in an effective and harmonious manner.

The Health Benefits
According to fitness experts and medical professionals, there are numerous health benefits associated with performing push-ups. The following outlines the main ways in which you will benefit from push-ups:

  1. Push-ups will increase the functional strength of your body by activating all of the muscles and encouraging them all to work together. This is why push-ups are often referred to as a “compound exercise”.
  2. Push-ups allow for the stretching of the muscles of the body so that you are healthier and have a higher level of vitality. Muscles that are stretched are less likely to have limited flexibility, become injured, or appear unattractive.
  3. Push-ups are a wonderful way to enhance the functionality and health of the cardiovascular system. When you work the large muscle groups that are required to perform a push-up, the heart works harder. This, in turn, results in larger amounts of oxygen-rich blood to reach the muscle tissues throughout the body.

Push-Ups and the 7 Minute Workout
The 7 Minute Workout is designed to exercise the entire body quickly and easily. The push-ups, alone, succeed in this endeavor. By performing push-ups, you are strengthening your body, enhancing the functionality of all of your body systems, building muscle mass and burning calories in a natural manner. You have now been introduced to the health benefits of jumping jacks, wall squats, and push-ups. We urge you to come back next week for the 4th installment of this series. If you would like to view the entire 7 Minute Workout, click the following link:



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