the-7-minute-workout-step-up-on-chairIn the past several weeks, we have introduced you to the ever-popular, scientifically-proven workout regimen, the 7 Minute Workout. Each week, we have included information on the health benefits of each of the exercises that are part of this especially popular regimen. These include jumping jacks, wall squats, push-ups, abdominal crunches, step up onto chair exercises, and squats. This week, we will place a special emphasis on the health benefits associated with the triceps dip on a chair exercise. If you are tired of wasting hours a week on high-intensity workouts that leave you feeling burned-out, exhausted, and frustrated with your fitness goals, you should opt for the 7 Minute Workout. This revolutionary new regimen will leave you looking and feeling great! Additionally, it is an all-body workout that will allow you to master all fitness goals!

What are Triceps Dip on a Chair?
The triceps dip on a chair exercise is an easy exercise where the triceps of the body actually hold the entire weight of your body while it moves through a full range of motion. You simply sit in a chair and hold the edges with your hands. The knuckles of your hands should be facing forward. You then slide your buttocks off of the seat and hold yourself up with your arms as straight as possible, while ensuring that your body is kept near the chair. The body should then be lowered for two counts, while bending the elbows. You should ensure that your arms are supporting your weight, not your feet.

The Purpose and Intent of Triceps Dip on a Chair
The purpose and intent of the triceps dip on a chair exercise is to strengthen the upper body, and increase the range of motion of the body – as a whole. This particular exercise has been proven to be highly effective in building up the strength of the triceps, the shoulders, and the arms.

The Health Benefits
There are many health benefits associated with the triceps dip on a chair exercise. First, you only need your own body weight to perform the exercise and a sturdy chair. As you start engaging in the exercise, you will find that tension is eliminated from the shoulders. If you need to lose weight, this exercise will help because it is capable of burning calories.

Triceps Dip on a Chair and the 7 Minute Workout
While the 7 Minute Workout offers many strength exercises, it has been established that the triceps dip on a chair is one of the most effective for building muscle in the upper body and burning fat. If you want to improve your range of motion, burn calories, and build up your body, the triceps dip on a chair will help you do all of this, and more! To see the 7 Minute Workout in its entirety and to see how to perform all of the exercises that are part of this highly beneficial workout, simply click HERE.


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