Effects of Footwear on the Body

We are continuously exposed to a vast array of shoe advertisements that guarantee our ability to stand continuously without pain, to run faster, and to transform our health. Walking and running are considered to be the most natural and common forms of physical activity.

While there is a multitude of innovation in the shoe industry such as finger shoes, boost cushioning technology, ankle support technology, FlyKnit weaving technology, micro-cellular molding, high frequency welding, and 3D printed soles, we must be especially careful in selecting our footwear.

Choosing the wrong footwear could result in numerous adverse effects to our body. The purpose and intent of this multi-part series is to alert you to the detriment that your shoes could pose to your health.

The Functions of the Feet
Before delving into the adverse effects that footwear could cause to the body, we feel it is first important to start with information pertaining to the functions of the feet. Essentially, there are three main functions. These include the following:

  1. Weight Transmission of the Body
  2. The Balancing of the Posture of the Body
  3. The Assistance in the Ambulation of the Body

Now, let’s look closer at each of these functions:

  1. The feet aid in transmitting the body weight to the surfaces in which you stand, walk, jog, run, and perform other types of similar physical activities.
  2. The feet are highly important when it comes to maintaining the overall equilibrium of the posture of the body while standing, walking, and other types of similar physical activities.
  3. The feet assist in the ambulation of the body from one place to another. In simple terms, they help to move the body from one location to another.

The Foot is Highly Complex
A foot is a foot, right? No, it is much more than “just a foot”. In fact, according to medical professionals, the foot is a complex mechanical-based structure. It is composed of a total of 26 bones. It also includes a large assortment of joints and structures composed of soft tissues.

The efficiency associated with the previously mentioned functions are highly dependent on the manner in which the bones, joints, and soft tissues move in relation to one another. To function efficiently and in a manner that does not result in pain or other types of detriment to the body, the angle of the foot to the leg and the ground is also highly important.

If there are any complications associated with this angle or the health of any of the aspects of the foot, adverse effects will result.

When we choose shoes, we often go for a certain color, style, or the latest trends in footwear; however, we must opt for those that will benefit the functionality of our feet. The shoes that we select must aid in the weight transmission of the body, the balance associated with the posture of the body, and must help in the ambulation of the body.

If we fail to choose shoes that will benefit the functionality of the feet, we are sure to suffer with many aches, pains, and other detrimental effects.

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