Thank you for continuing to follow our series, The Adverse Effects of Footwear on the Body. Last week, we started this multi-part series by exposing the shoe advertisements that bombard us with a multitude of promises such as being able to stand without pain, to run faster than ever before, and to completely transform our health.

You learned the names of the most common innovations in the shoe industry. Examples include finger shoes, FlyKnit weaving technology, and 3D printed soles. We then informed you, despite all of these advancements and innovations in the shoe industry, choosing the wrong type of shoe could prove to be highly detrimental to your health.

You then learned about the basic functions of the foot and the fact that the feet are highly mechanical-based structures that are relatively complex.

As a result, we must only select those shoes that will aid in the functionality of the feet. This week, we will continue this series by expounding on the biomechanics of the feet.

The Biomechanics of the Feet
When we speak of the biomechanics of the feet, we are referring to the overall functionality of the feet and the general level of locomotion associated with the feet. The purpose and intent of the biomechanics of the feet is to preserve the function of the feet and all related structures.

It is also focused on restoring any function that has been lost in the feet and within the related structures. Those that specialize in podiatry have expressed the fact that the feet are considered to be mechanically complex structures that are very intricate in functionality.

The efficiency of walking and other tasks depends heavily upon the manner in which the shoes you wear help the bones, joints, and soft tissues move in relation to another. It also depends on how the shoes angle the foot to the leg.

Misalignments and Other Complications
If the shoes that you wear result in misalignments and other complications, you may find that your feet ache and that your lower limbs start to have issues.

Misalignments and other complications put stress on the legs and the feet. As a result, the following issues may be experienced:

  • The feet may start to ache or feel over-tired
  • Weakness and sprains may occur in the ankles
  • The arch of the foot may collapse
  • Sports-related overuse may result in potentially serious injuries
  • Bunions, corns, and callouses may start to develop
  • The toe nails may become extremely painful

Fads and trends come and go in the footwear industry. While these may seem appealing, when you choose shoes, you must first consider your health. If you fail to do this, you may experience complications with your feet, your lower limbs, and your overall health.

You must never take your feet for granted. They are an important aspect of your mobility and your livelihood. By ensuring that you take special care in selecting your shoes, you will not only do your feet a favor, but, you will be giving your overall health a boost!

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