muscle-tissueAccording to doctors, physical therapists, and other types of medical professionals, hydration is exceptionally important when it comes to keeping muscle tissue healthy. In our attempt to build strong, high-quality muscles, it is not uncommon to ensure that we consume high levels of proteins, carbs, and fats. Most will take certain types of vitamins, minerals, and supplements. It is also common for people who are health-conscious to ensure that they get enough rest. Unfortunately, it is common for most to forget about the most essential nutrient for keeping muscle tissue healthy – water. While we all know that ensuring that we are hydrated is imperative to our overall level of health, we must come to understand that hydration is an important element when it comes to the overall health of our muscles.

Increasing the Strength of the Muscles

According to doctors and physical therapists, muscles must have a high level of strength in order to encourage overall growth. A study was conducted and released in the publication, “Journal of Strength and ConditioningResearch”. In this study, it was established that just a one and a half percent of water loss in the body quickly reduced the amount of muscle strength that the individuals being studied had. By knowing this, we now know that just the smallest amount of hydration loss within the body could have a detrimental impact on our health and the strength of our muscles. In order to optimize muscle strength and improve our health, we must commit to drinking a large amount of water on a regular basis.

Prevent Muscle Breakdown

If we are to keep muscle tissue healthy, it is important to ensure that we consume water on a regular basis. The amount of water that is located in the cells of the body plays a large role in whether the muscles start to experience any type of breakdown. If a muscle starts to break down, the muscle growth will completely stop. Additionally, if the body experiences a shortage of water, the cells in the body will start to shrink and the protein contained within the body will also start to breakdown. By increasing the amount of hydration within the body, we can successfully increase the amount of muscle in the body as water has a direct influence on the construction and strength of new muscle.


If you have an interest in building and strengthening the muscles within your body, you will need to ensure that you consume a large amount of water. Throughout history, medical professionals have instructed us to consume approximately eight glasses of water on a daily basis; however, this is no longer the suggested amount. Now, you should consume 20 ounces prior to engaging in exercising. You should drink 10 ounces of water after each ten minute interval when exercising. You should then consume 40 ounces of water for every hour that you engage in physical activity. You should also ensure that you continue to drink water during periods of rest. For more information on how to increase muscle strength and optimize your health, visit us today at:

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