Thank you for continuing our series, “Toning up for Tennis”. In our first installment, we talked about the health benefits of Tennis and the fact that it provides the ultimate full-body workout. This week we’ll be talking about muscle tone conditioning.

Toning up for Tennis Part 2: Muscle Tone

By toning your body, you can display the sheer power and the immense beauty that Maria Sharapova exhibits on the court, the awesome speed, agility, and high level of athleticism displayed by the amazing Roger Federer, and create the ultimate Wimbledon-worthy style and shape to be one of the most respected tennis players – ever!

Cardiovascular Tone

heart muscle tone and cardiovascular health

In order to tone the body for tennis, you must first start by toning your cardiovascular tone. Tennis is an intense sport that requires continual movement.

This movement requires you to be on top of your game – in terms of aerobic fitness. In order to tone the body for the game, be certain to engage in – at least – one hour of moderate cardiovascular activity each week.

Running, rowing, skiing, and the utilization of a tread mill and/or exercise bike are all effective means of maximizing your body toning efforts.

Toning up for Tennis - muscle tonePower up Those Muscles

To tone the body for tennis, you must power up those muscles. The best method of success in this endeavor is to engage in plyometric exercise sessions several times each week.

These types of exercises repeatedly stretch the muscles and push the muscles to quickly contract.

If you want to power up those muscles, do the following physical activities:

  • Place hurdles on the floor – they may be cones, or similar types of markers. They should be set about 50 centimeters apart. You should then jump across each with your feet placed together. In order to gain momentum, you may use your arms to enhance your jumping power. Do them straight, do them right, and do them left.
  • Throw a ball against a wall with your knees slightly bent. You should ensure that you keep time when throwing. This helps to strengthen the legs and improves your reaction time.
  • Place an exercise rubber band around the ankles. Stand against a wall and stretch out one leg to the side multiple times. Then, switch sides and do the opposite leg.

There are several other types of exercises that have the ability to power up muscles.

We here at Back to Motion Physical Therapy specialize in helping individuals optimize their upper and lower body strength. We offer a large assortment of services and classes that are sure to improve your performance when playing tennis.

Tai Chi is a fun and popular option for athletes. This class aids in improving circulation throughout the body, improving the functionality of the heart, and optimizing the capacity of the lungs. It also helps build strength in the body and increases stamina. It also aids in helping you become more aware of your body and the movements that you engage in while playing tennis.

We also have a multitude of programs that will improve your overall physical health.

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