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Back Pain can be caused by many vastly different things. Our specialists can find the cause of your back pain before designing a treatment.

We know you’re hurting. Back pain is difficult to live with.

Physical Therapy can help with your pain and get you moving forward with a routine to save your back and your quality of life.

Physical Therapy for Back Pain


You have this awful back pain that won’t relent! Is it a herniated disk? Is it broken? Will it be this way forever? Your uncle had back surgery and he’s never been the same since (and it didn’t help his pain either) is this going to happen to you?

Back pain can be caused from a herniated disc, a pinched nerve or a sore joint. Most causes of back pain are not permanent and will resolve with the right course of treatment.

Don’t let others scare you into desperate interventions.

Back To Motion’s back pain specialists offer you the latest in evidence-based care along with tried and true methods that are pro-active, compassionate, personal, and hands-on.
Back to Motions back pain specialist can help you get control over back pain.

Physical Therapy for Back Pain

What We Do

We can help you alleviate your pain, alleviate your concerns, and get you moving forward with a routine to save your back and your quality of life.

Back To Motion back pain specialists can help keep you away from opioids and give you holistic, calming treatments that are long-lasting and healing.

Your physical therapist can figure out the root of your pain no matter what the cause.

There are many exercises that can be beneficial. They need to be specific to your problem so don’t trust your neighbor or Google to prescribe what exercises are the best.

Physical Therapy is proven to relieve Back Pain.
    We see it every day…

"Amazing and competent therapists..."

… I appreciate the intentionality and ongoing support in helping me managing my persistent back pain. It has gotten better over the years because of my treatment at Back to Motion.
~ Kelli P, Denver

"I have been helped immensely..."

I have been treated by Back to Motion for two aliments: a big toe and lower back pain. In both cases, I have been helped immensely and have been so impressed with the knowledge of the staff, the quality and care of my treatments. The facility is very clean and appointments are punctual. The best part of my treatments at Back to Motion is that I FEEL BETTER and with the ongoing exercises I have received I feel I have control and an understanding of my pain!

"Karen and Patty work miracles!..."

… They “took turns working on me, giving me exercises and manipulating my vertebrae. In no time the pain was gone. The time I spent in physical therapy was good for my body and mind. They were such fun to be with, always treating me professionally, but not being stuffy. I will truly miss seeing them on a regular basis but they do such good work I am no longer in need of their services.”
~ John. Denver, CO
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