how-to-improve-muscular-enduranceToday, many individuals are learning how to improve muscular endurance in the abs in order to improve the health of their backs. Approximately 80% of all individuals experience some degree of back pain at one point or another throughout their lives, according to professional physical therapy agencies. Researchers in Brazil have now discovered that by working out and strengthening the abs, you will suffer less frequently with back pain. A study was conducted, involving numerous cyclists that claimed to experience regular bouts of back pain. These sports professionals were enrolled in a strengthening program that taught them how to improve muscular endurance in the abs. Once the program was completed, nearly half of all of the participants reported that they experienced a significantly less amount of back pain than prior to the start of the program. In this guide, you will learn how it is possible to experience less back pain by simply focusing your efforts on strengthening your abs. If you are tired of hurting, want to refrain from becoming dependent on pain relief medications, and have a desire to take control over your health, continue reading to learn how to achieve success.

The Body’s “Core” is the Body’s “Powerhouse”

When you engage in ab strengthening exercises, you are, essentially, strengthening your body’s core. While these types of exercises will assist in creating the body that you have always dreamed of, it is important to understand that the body’s core is the body’s powerhouse. The core assists in facilitating movements and houses the main organs of the body, as well as the central nervous system. According to professional physical therapy agencies and experts, the core of the body helps you to do just about everything that you do on a regular basis. By strengthening it, you are not only reducing the amount of problems that you experience with your back, but, with your body – as a whole. By learning how to improve muscular endurance in the abs, you are optimizing the health of your back, and your whole-body health.

Back Pain Stems from a Weak Core

Based on information derived from medical professionals, nearly all cases of back pain stem from a weak body core. When the abdominal muscles are experiencing any degree of weakness, it is most often because the muscles in the back area are too strong. This results in a muscular imbalance in the body. By learning how to build muscular endurance in the abs, you are bringing a balance back to the front of the body, which will completely balance the entire body. Improper posture, sitting for long periods of time, and failure to exercise the abdominal muscles may result in numerous back-related problems and diseases, such as compressed discs, herniated discs, and nerve problems. Naturally, all of these issues will then transform into pain for the sufferer.


Learning how to improve muscular endurance in the abdominal cavity is not challenging, according to professional physical therapy agencies. You must simply seek out exercises that cause you to bend, stretch, and strengthen the muscles in and around your stomach region. For assistance in this endeavor, it is best to seek the assistance of a professional physical therapy agency. Not only will the physical therapists within that agency work with you to work on your “trouble” spots, they will walk you through a workout that will reduce back pain, eliminate back problems, and have you feeling better than you have ever felt. If you want to learn how to improve muscular endurance to optimize your health, contact Back to Motion Physical Therapy today at: 303-832-5577.

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